Welcome to Politics

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

Presidential Candidate John McCain succeeded in stealing the West Virginia GOP delegates with help from boot lickin’ Mike Huckabee, the self-proclaimed ‘Christian Candidate’. Hmmm…hey Mikee, what would Jesus do? Do you think he’d collude with a petty, short-tempered, integrity-void despot to ‘throw’ an election? What’s the catch here, Mikee? Once ‘saved’ always ‘saved’? Do you really believe that a little collusion here and a little trashy back door deal there won’t tarnish your Preacher man image? Don’t count on it.

Maybe you can hire a double-talking Clinton operative to plead your case at the pearly gates. Something tells me, that just like the New York Times will turn, like clockwork, on Johnny Mac, this operative will leave you hanging. In the end, McCain will do the same. You’re his Friday night girl. McCain won’t even remember your name. Don’t worry Mikee, we know your name…it’s stalking horse.

Go ahead, say it, “welcome to politics.” You’re right, back door deals and dirty political promises are actions that do speak louder than words. I hear you Mikee, America hears you and soon McCain will hear from all of us. He may not like what he hears, but what can I say, “welcome to politics”.

People keep asking me if I’ll be able to bring myself to vote for McCain if he ends up being the Republican nominee. Thankfully, I don’t have to answer that question today. My kneejerk response is: sure, when hell freezes over.

Being a Southern Californian, I live in an illegal alien sanctuary state; it stands to follow that I’m no fan of John ‘Amnesty’ McCain. His “I’ve listened and I’ve learned” statement was said with the forked tongue of a career politician. My friends, John McCain is no conservative; in fact it’s debatable that he’s even a Republican.

Up until the age of the internet, McCain has been able to dodge the accountability factor. McCain’s collusion with the rest of the Keating 5 to try and bury the savings and loan scandal was swept under the rug as the story faded from the forefront. Look for it to re-surface via the Clinton machine and then the fireworks will start shooting off in the sky. We’ll have front row seats as the infamous McCain temper is unleashed.

As the elitist Republican establishment continues to ignore the voice of Conservatives and rallies around McCain, they will be confronted with the very real problem of party unity. It is much more fragmented then they will allow themselves to believe. I worked at the Romney phone bank in my area and I have never seen such passionate, inspired voters in my life. The problem is, as inspired as they are by the Romney candidacy, they are equally passionate against the nomination of John McCain.

Is John McCain the new Bob Dole? If the lackluster support from conservatives is any clue, you’ve got your answer.

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