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Bust The Blues

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1.)  Master Your Thoughts

The truth of the matter is that we believe whatever we tell ourselves.  Be intentional in your thinking and internalize messages of hope, beauty and strength.  Become an observer of your thoughts.  Practice the habit of reining yourself back into the present moment and away from the scattered energy of colliding thoughts.  An obvious clue that you are no longer grounded in the here and now, is an interior dialog that is projected into the future or mired in the past.  You are the guardian of the thoughts that enter your mind.  You can deny access to concepts that aren’t helpful. This takes practice, but you’ll have plenty of opportunity.  Master yourself by guarding which thoughts you permit yourself to reflect on.  Toss the negative ones and replace them with statements of empowerment.  Believe that you are calm as you walk through chaos and your spiritual self, will cooperate.  Decide that you are capable, worthy and strong and your actions will reflect these truths.  Let it resonate deep within that everything will work out and this peace will uplift your spirit.

2.)  Disrupt your routine.

Imagine yourself in a place that you’ve always wanted to be, in the midst of actually fulfilling a facet of your destiny.  Begin by stepping outside of your comfort zone.  This is the time and the place to go big, think lofty thoughts and take risks.  Go after what you truly desire.  Shake things up.  Look straight ahead, breathe deeply and cross the threshold of your dreams.  You already possess the courage within to take that first step.  Remember it’s a journey.  Remain open to possibility and learn to discern a moment of opportunity as you work towards whatever it is that sets your soul ablaze.  

3.)  Get out of your own head.

Set yourself free by lending a hand to a person, a project or a cause.  Volunteer work often helps us more than the intended recipient.  Become a light in another person’s life.  We’re not out to save the world, this is about making a difference.  Our donation of time, money or material things is not measured by the size of our contribution, but by the love behind it.

4.)  Communicate with the outside world.

Place a call to one of your favorite persons on the planet.  They know you inside and out.  Let them in.  In their company, you are safe and you are loved.  In whichever way you are able to connect with them, understand that in this place, there is no judgement.  Take off the mask that you wear out in the world and reveal your true self.  In the hands of this caring person, your vulnerability is protected not exposed.  This is a peaceful inlet in a calm harbor far from the storm.  Visit for a while and re-build your strength.  This person is an oasis of acceptance.  Go be with them.

5.)  Read a spiritual book.

Sitting down with a bit of spiritual reading succeeds in liberating us from the day and all of its stress, busyness and worry.  It provides a time for reflection from our center.  Being open to the subject and the direction of the reading material assists us in recognizing a word or a phrase to take with us once we return to our day.  Listen as you read, something may resonate with you.  This is exactly what you need to take away.  Examine it throughout the day.  What does it reveal?  There is no judgement here, no criticism, simply be open to the experience.  When we are stirred from within, it can be a key to something locked inside of us.

6.)  Get Active

Go for a run.  Schedule a yoga class.  Start treating your hard-working body with a little respect and strengthen it through a Pilates class.  Sweat equity rewards you with mood boosting endorphins.  Engage in physical activity regularly and keep those dividends coming your way on a daily basis.

7.)  Get Creative

Create a collage.  Play around with watercolor paints.  Stop by your local craft store and pick up a few supplies or sign-up for a class.  Write a poem.  Transfer a melody playing in your mind down to notes and into a song.  As we all know, listening to music can instantly improve our mood.  As you paint, write or work with clay, fill the room with beautiful music.  Through creativity, we express our feelings.  As we work, we contemplate a myriad of emotions and often experience a breakthrough that sustains us once we return to the world.  Visit an art gallery and be inspired by the truly artistic souls that inhabit this planet.  Their artist’s eye that has been culled by years of applied effort can awaken something deep within your own soul. 

8.)   Meditate

Release the mind from its preoccupation with thinking.  Allow for meditation daily.  Notice how new and fresh your perspective feels following this time well spent.  We need to enter the silence and quiet the chaos of our thoughts in order for God to fill us with truth.  Focus on the fact that you’re putting forth the effort.  Don’t worry about the quality of your experience.  Embrace your imperfect way of beginning a new practice.  As you continue to meditate, you’ll make progress in this all important act of contemplation.

9.)  Brew a cup of tea

Partake in the ceremony and the restorative power of brewing up a calming, cup of tea.  Inhale the swirls of tea leaf perfume that waft up from your favorite mug.  Studies have shown that the amino acid theanine, which is present in tea, is a contributing factor to tea’s many psychological benefits.  Find a comfy spot and curl up in your favorite chair with a good book and sip and read and escape for a while.  Take a break.  You are worthy of it and it will do you a world of good.

10.)  Seek wonder and pause in gratitude.

The light show that happens most evenings at sunset can fill you with awe.  Rejoice in the colors painted across the darkening sky and let it fill your mind with innovative thoughts. Take a moment to thank God for all the good things in your life despite any hassles you are currently moving through.  Consider simple things like shelter, food, people in your life whom you love and who love you.  Remember that whatever your current problem might be, this too, shall pass.  Accept everything just as it is, without resistance.  You are a spiritual being, so take life as lightly as a feather floating down.  The wind may buffet it about and it may land in a puddle, but the sun will come out, it always does.  Engage in your journey with all of your heart and soul.  Make time for beautiful moments and guard the entrance to your mind.  The gift of mindful presence should only be extended to those thoughts that empower you.  Life is what you make it, so create a beautiful one for yourself.

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