The gentleman underneath the Tokyo Metro sign is good friend and seasoned Japanese traveler - Dr. Steve Schallhorn of

Tokyo Metro

The Japanese Metro/Subway is a busy place! We were staying in the Shinjuku District of Tokyo, Japan and learned that there is an underground walkway between the Tokyo Hilton and the Shinjuku station. Excellent - when it's a little rainy.

We purchased an all day combo ticket for 1000 yen that allows you to switch back and forth between the Metro and the Subway; which are two separate lines. This is the way to go.

As far as figuring out which trains to take and which platforms to wait on – spend some time studying the map. We had a wrong turn here and there, but for the most part – we conquered the Tokyo Metro!

The city of Tokyo does a fantastic job of posting maps almost everywhere. Also, Metro officials speak enough English to help you find the right track…

It's safe. The Japanese Metro is very safe. We saw little 12-year old Japanese school girls dressed in their uniforms taking the Metro by themselves.

One last piece of advice...avoid rush hour!

A magazine rack inside the Shinjuku station.

Don't let this daunting map deter you!

An ad in the metro station.

Tokyo Commuters Switching between Metro Lines.

This is my husband CB. It was He not I who conquered the Tokyo Metro. I was along for the ride...and we used the Metro (successfully) to travel all around Tokyo.

While in Tokyo I really wanted to visit the textile district. CB got us there! The main attraction for me was a visit to 'Tomato' - an immense, multi-building fabric landmark.

Those familiar with this site know that I have a current 'thing' with Japanese fabric - specifically the 'Echino' line - that I love to sew into aprons.

Don't miss the textile district while in Tokyo and bring cash - they don't take plastic.