The Threat Behind Chinese Imports

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

The market place is awash in cheap Chinese goods in spite of massive recalls on tainted toothpaste, dangerous tires, poisonous toys and deadly dog food. Congress has paved the road for the ritual dumping of substandard, Chinese manufactured products into our market. The stark reality is that while America consumes cheap goods, China funnels billions of our trade dollars into their military machine.

This unholy alliance between American politicians and the Communist Chinese has been underway for years fueled by laundered Chinese money. The Clintons have been caught repeatedly, up to their elbows in the Communist Chinese campaign fund cookie jar. Former attorney general Janet Reno dismissed the entire Chinagate scandal as unworthy of further investigation in spite of a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Before long, China received their most favored nation trading status, the Clintons got their cash and America was sold out. The unbalanced free trade relationship with China has resulted in the export of our manufacturing base and the loss of countless jobs.

China has been stealing our technology, pirating our software, cheating on trade and flooding our market with dangerous junk with nary a Congressional eyebrow raised. Congress is stocked with weak willed politicians who dismiss the activities of the ruthless Chinese as simply 'free trade'. There does exist one spark of authentic American spirit in the person of Republican Presidential Candidate, Duncan Hunter.

Hunter is the lone candidate that voted against a most favored nation status for China; something none of the Senators currently running for President can claim. As far back as 1998, Hunter introduced a bill to prevent satellite technology sales to China and today Hunter has a bill in Congress (HR 2942 ) that would stipulate sanctions against China for manipulating its currency as it is presently doing, by illegally devaluing the yen by 40%.

Where is the rest of Congress? One thing is for certain, when it comes to China they are failing at defending our national interest. While Nancy Pelosi demands answers as to why government agencies weren't on the recent oil spill scene up in San Francisco faster; Americans are demanding answers to a far more egregious issue; why won't Congress and the Bush Administration hold China accountable?

This is the same Communist regime that recently caught a U.S. Naval Air Craft carrier off guard when they brought a submarine to the surface. The same government that recently invested $5billion into the resource rich Democratic Republic of Congo for the sole purpose of energy investment. The same regime that shot down a weather satellite with a missile simply because they can.

The same regime that has allegedly created a US$200 billion "super fund" that will facilitate the purchase of raw materials from around the world; negatively impacting the US dollar. (source: In order to satisfy space and cyber space ambition, Chinese technological espionage in the U.S. has shifted into high gear. The response to this growing threat from Communist China on behalf of the President and the Congress is dead silence.

Meanwhile, in mainland China tyranny, misery and oppression abound. Communist China is a police state that subjects female citizens to coercive abortions and sterilizations. The abortifacient drug RU-486 manufactured in China, recently reported to be tainted, is the foundation of China's efforts at population control; a policy endorsed by the world's elites. Land grabs for the purpose of development are the norm and millions have already been forced to relocate. Dissenters of any kind are executed quietly by lethal injection inside "Mobile death vans" all over China. (source: BBC)

In preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics surveillance cameras are being installed in every place imaginable. Contemplate that before you purchase another piece of made in China junk. Put that tainted import back on the shelf and stop the unethical practice of supporting ruthless Communist China with the US dollar. American consumers must insist on the resurgence of our domestic manufacturing base. Let's bring those jobs back home and dry up the military coffers of the Communist Chinese.

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