The Solid Core
Of A Genuine Resolution


At the center of a genuine resolution is a solid core of determination, discipline and an unshakeable belief in self.  A resolution is the act of setting an intention to bring about a life change.  At its heart, this is a choice to give yourself what you need, instead of what you might want.  Quite often the components which compose the heart and soul of a resolution are most in need of strengthening.


Whatever it is that we need to work on, be it determination, discipline or belief in self, let this be your starting point.  Building a strong foundation begins by dealing with the details of the groundwork.  We need to pinpoint our weaknesses, realize our strengths and work consistently to bring ourselves to a higher level of performance.  Throughout the course of our journey we can profit by any detour from the path and use this new awareness to improve ourselves.  We may need to seek out sources of inspiration and/or education that deal specifically with any problem we continue to encounter.


Go to the source of your stumbling block.  Get inside of it.  We trip over the same stretch of uneven surface again and again.  Track the feelings associated with it, as well as any self-sabotage behavior and correct it.  Change course by changing your thoughts and actions.  Failing to attain a goal in the past can be viewed as an opportunity in disguise.  It reveals to us the source of our shortcoming.  Conquer your stumbling block and pick up where you left off on your journey.


Each day brings with it, a new chance to make progress on your path.  Leave yesterday in the past where it belongs and end the habit of worrying about tomorrow.  Practice being present in the moment.  Tell yourself that you believe that anything is possible, because it is.  In the end, it’s the small victories along the way that matter most and build upon each other to sculpt a new way of living.  This is not a race.  Focus on being consistent and celebrate your slow and steady climb up the mountain.


Too often, we limit ourselves by accepting the premise of our own faulty perceptions.  We fail at believing that we are capable.  We quit the journey when discomfort shows up or when monotony settles in.  When the shine and the appeal suddenly become a little dusty, our perception becomes limited and we begin to perceive this new life path as burdensome.  This is exactly the moment not to quit.  When we stay the course and press on despite the darkness we actually become stronger.


Another way to look at this entire undertaking is with an attitude of gratitude.  Gratitude?  Yes, gratitude.  One stumbling block after another will appear on the horizon.  In the past, we chose to evade the steep incline.  Our minds became a cacophony of self-defeating thoughts that failed to motivate us to choose to endure.  By taking the easier route, we ended up in the tangle of overgrown brush which turned into a sense of  frustration.  We’re no longer listening to negative self talk.  We have tools at our disposal now.  We can coach ourselves through the tough spot and endure this discomfort because abandoning the path is no longer a choice.  We can be grateful for the lessons our past failures have taught us.  We see the dips and the curves in the road to success for what they are and they no longer have any power to derail our determination.  


Take the substance of your resolution and turn it into a mantra ... something you can repeat, to remind yourself of the reason why you’ve started on this journey.  This can be a word or a phrase and it will change as weeks turn into months.  Inspiring ourselves will lead to breakthrough moments.  This simple mantra just might pull you through to the next moment while keeping you on track.  It can play like loop in your thoughts as you muster the courage to endure a tough workout, choose an apple over something sweet, or set a few dollars aside instead of acquiring another accessory.  Employing discipline to deny ourselves the easier, softer route can open out on an amazing vista.  Imagine, quitting the journey moments before a positive, life-altering experience came to pass!  It’s not how your story is being told anymore.  As the main character, you possess the strength to endure.


Your mission statement is actually the foundational philosophy that is fueling this life change.  While you may not have arrived at the summit yet, and you’re not entirely sure about how it feels or looks, you do know that you are capable.  Furthermore, you concede on the level of the soul that you deserve better in life and the truth of the matter is, that you are up to the challenge.  Take the time to orchestrate a quiet moment and journey inward.  The universe within ourselves is deeper and wider than the immensity of the Grand Canyon.  Go there.  Be in the silence.  We need to quiet our minds in order to listen to our souls.  This exercise is not about creating poetry that strikes a perfect pitch; instead it is a decision to embrace the truth about ourselves and lay down a few words that honestly express our desires.

In time, we will realize that we can be depended on to endure because we have proven ourselves and our lives reflect this truth.  Once we resolve to bring change into our lives, we follow through.

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