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There is a definite connection between positive self talk and the practice of mindfulness.  For me, this awareness required time before it took root in my life and quite honestly, I was bumbling through the attempt to change how I regarded myself, as well as the act of approaching life mindfully.  I never realized how these two seemingly parallel paths were in fact, intricately bound up with each other; that is until today.

We can be pretty hard on ourselves.  Most of us don’t need any help taking our own self to task.  Eventually, we see it for what it is and how this negativity is completely contradictory to love of self.  Truly, the hope of creating positive and lasting change in our own lives must begin with learning to love ourselves.  If we can’t muster any compassion for ourselves how can we ever expect to extend it to the world?

It came to my attention quite unexpectedly that I had achieved significant strides in self improvement, when a complete stranger pointed this out to me.  A woman was alongside of me, searching for a specific product in the supplement aisle when she turned to me and asked what I was doing and where did I work out?  She followed up her question with the remark, that I seemed balanced in body and mind.

She would not have said that a year ago when in truth, I was anything, but balanced.

This woman and I proceeded to have a gut-level, honest exchange on the concept of positive growth in the middle of a grocery store.  I shared with her a bit of my own story and in turn, learned where she was on the path to wholeness. 

Clearly, there’s no such thing as an overnight success yet we should understand that there are things we can do to speed up the transformation.  It’s also essential that we don’t compare ourselves to others.  We all have specific lessons to learn and if we’re moving in the right direction we’ll be on time for that moment of instruction.

Prior to this meeting in the grocery store, I had been attempting to funnel my activities towards a healthier lifestyle for a number of years. For a long time, I was more of a seeker than a do-er...  I read a lot of books and was introduced to new concepts, but fell short of putting any action behind them.  The moment the process became uncomfortable, I fell back into the habit of distraction. I had excuses ready to be deployed at the ultimate expense of my own growth.  That was one of those lessons I had to learn.  The truth about discomfort, is that it is temporary; whereas the growth that follows engagement, is forever.

In all of the falling back and moving forward that I’ve done, I came to understand that the one true source of real hope, inner peace and strength is found in a relationship with God.  This is how I really began to make progress.  Like most concepts circulating out there on the subject of personal growth, the idea of governing your mind and bringing discipline into your day is nothing new.  It is part of the New Life that Christ shared with His disciples and continues to ask of us in this modern era.  

It’s necessary that we move ourselves from an attraction to growth and into the arena of full engagement.  I received the best advice on how to move through a moment of discomfort from Raquel Veisaga-Moya, the dynamic force behind a transformational, boutique-style, fitness studio, ‘Body Rituals’ located in Upland, California.  Raquel advises to go completely within your breath.  Focus not on the discomfort but on your own breathing.  Breathe your way through to the other side where growth awaits you.

As for that conversation in the supplement aisle, the woman I spoke with, expressed her gratitude as I shared pivotal moments from my own, ongoing walk towards balance.  Truth be told, it is I who walked away from this encounter with a grateful heart.  I’m not always as gentle or encouraging with myself as I should be and this precise moment in time served to open my eyes to the fruits of self discipline that I had put into practice. Sometimes we need to be interrupted in life to broaden our perspective.  I wish you breath, to carry you through that moment of discomfort, and may someone interrupt you, just when you need it most.

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