Renew and


The clocks are set ahead an hour and we’re enjoying more daylight which naturally inspires springtime themes of renewal and rejuvenation. Spring cleaning our homes and pantries prepares us to greet Spring with a fresh outlook. The warmer weather lures us outdoors to enjoy the sweet breeze and a world bursting with new life. Ahh... Springtime.

In this season of renewal our own energy experiences an uptic - keeping pace with the burst of wildflowers decorating the hillsides. Why not take advantage of that interior sense of renewal and consider what you would most like to transform about yourself.

Over the last month I have been relentlessly emptying drawers, closets and shelves in anticipation of selling our home. This is what it took to get me to tackle the clutter. Let me tell you, it has been one liberating experience. I was merciless about chucking forgotten papers into the bin and filling boxes and bags destined for donation. Holding onto junque is similar to walking around with an extra 20 pounds on your frame. Losing it frees up your perspective, in wonderful and unexpected ways.

In addition to creating a clutter-free environment and clothes closet, I also tackled the pantry. In conjunction with all this spring cleaning around the house I also radically changed my diet. It is noteworthy to mention that I’ve been slowly working up to this point. Gone are the processed foods and refined grains. I no longer shake super processed flakes out of a cardboard box into a bowl for breakfast. I’ve completely stopped snacking at night and I listen to music instead of zoning out to TV in the evening.

The cleaner diet is helping me sleep at night, instead of smack dab in the middle of a busy day. It’s improved the appearance of my skin and my tresses and I just feel so dang good... more energy and more productivity and a newfound capability to relax and let things be. Less junk all around me, less junk in my diet and a feeling that finally I’m living in the moment - in the here and now. I guess you could say that I’m “keeping it real”.

It took what it took. Eventually, we get tired of being sick and tired and surrounded by crazy clutter. Tackle it. Set aside a rainy Saturday and work at pulling everything out of every corner of every drawer and let it go. Unencumbered by clutter will bring benefits to your life that are lasting.

As a closing shot, let me share with you what I have breakfast these days:

1/4 c of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli

1/2 c of lowfat plain yogurt

Combine in a bowl in the evening, cover and place in fridge overnight.

In the morning, chop up an apple and add it with a 1/4 c of fat free milk - mix and enjoy!