Spirituality 101

Sometimes all we need is a little hope, a little guidance, an encouraging word...

As we embark on a new path to a better life, it's best not to go it alone.  Invite God to walk with you and you'll never be alone.

Here you'll find a series of brief posts which I hope will help you to alter your outlook on a current challenge and help you to move forward, with God, in a more positive direction.

The Path to Wellness Begins with a Commitment to Self-Care

The New Year presents a demarcation in the space-time continuum, offering up a momentary pause from daily life, when we reflect on the year that was, while visualizing a kaleidoscope of possibility for the months ahead.

At this time, we ask ourselves, “where do I want to be, a year from now?”

The response to such a far-reaching question is multi-faceted.  A healthier you, cannot be  sequestered into the classic, weight loss/exercise program resolution; it goes beyond this singular commitment, and into the intangible areas of emotion, spirit and mastery of the mind.

Just as our thoughts determine the type of day we might have, our diets build the physical vessel through which we experience life. Mind, body and spirit…  Unless we realize growth in all of those aspects of life, we limit our ability to reach a new level of potential.

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The Goddess Archetype
- A Makeover

The ideal feminine archetype is often described as a goddess. This classic image, an agreed upon model of appearance and behavior, thrives only because it’s been confirmed by the collective-consciousness. A stand-alone paradigm of exalted feminine energy doesn’t register with most of us in the reality of everyday life. The feisty, passionate, uniquely adorable women that I know, are total non-conformists in relation to this boxed-in version of goddess-hood.  It’s not something out of our reach. For this reason, I put forth a new definition, not because of my own inability to express the archetype, but because it does not exist. I won’t say it’s a lie or a myth, but a single, unshifting example of the nature of a goddess, goes against the natural order.   

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A River of Light Runs Through Me

We have all experienced a state of effortless flow in life. This energy feels like realized potential. It’s productive and uncomplicated. Words, ideas or solutions appear unimpeded and translate naturally into physical expression. It’s as if the air is electrified, underscoring our objective, becoming action that rushes forward like a current in a fast moving river. It’s a yoga class where your body feels great and your balance is solid. It’s such a wonderful state of being, but tends to be rather evasive. I once believed that flow was a gift bestowed upon me somewhat magically, when words poured out of me and onto a page; but now I know that I can match my vibration to this frequency, through the focused intention of purposeful alignment.

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A Crystal Energy Brief on the
power of Celestite. Learn how to
cleanse and program it.

Celestite is a powerful stone of angelic communication. This crystal can enhance your intuitive abilities, as well as assist you in recognizing synchronistic notes from heaven; meant for you and present in your environment. Celestite can also facilitate hearing from loved ones who have passed on. Use this high-vibrational stone to calm racing thoughts or mind chatter. Sit quietly while holding beautiful, blue Celestite, and breathe in peace. When multi-tasking elevates to an intense level, use Celestite to bring serenity back into the present moment. Celestite also helps us to release attachments.

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A Crystal Energy Brief on the power of Citrine. Learn how to cleanse and program it.

Citrine is infused with light. This crystal harnesses the quantum energy of the sun. It is a powerful stone of manifestation. Exposing Citrine to natural light restores its vital frequency. This presence of light connects you with your Divine nature, as well as with the earth. Citrine’s sunny energy is supercharged with abundance, confidence and creativity. This stone brightens our interior landscape, and can help us achieve balance and success, while building inner strength. Citrine brings forth opportunity for happiness and light, which can lead to opening the spirit to unlimited potential; our divine inheritance.

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The Secret to Inner Peace

As March draws to a close and its winds begin to die down, let us leave this month having learned the lessons that life brought forth.  Throughout March, I found myself thinking about my thinking.  As I observed the daily flow of fleeting thoughts passing through my mind, I was provided with proof, that indeed, we are what we think.

A thought can drift by barely acknowledged or we can ruminate on it for an entire day. In order for a single thought to possess any power, we must provide the necessary focus and energy. Once we mentally grasp a concept, be it positive or negative, it begins to build out and extend the nature of its message directly into our life experience; thereby affecting our perspective. Whether or not this particular thought is actually based in reality is inconsequential, we’ve just made it real, simply by giving it our attention.

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Experience a Spiritual Renaissance by Living with Trust and Gratitude

Fear is not real and yet, it can hijack our thought process. It places unnecessary weight on our shoulders that we carry into whatever is unfolding in the present moment.  Fear blinds us to the full potential of a moment in time, because we can’t see past a limited scenario. How much is the presence of fear in our consciousness blocking the true goodness of God, from coming through? How much beauty are we missing because we latch onto a tiny element of fear? In fact, watch the quality of your thoughts for a day and determine for yourself if fear of any person, place or thing shows up either intermittently, or on a continuous thought loop.

Writer and Spiritual Leader, Rev. Christian Sorensen has stated that humanity today is experiencing a “mystical renaissance”. Sorensen further defines this experience as the ability to recognize and bring forth a sense of the sacred. Fear cannot co-exist with divine love, and as this love is the foundation of all that which is sacred, it is possible to live fearlessly. In other words, if we center our being, our thought life and our actions in loving kindness, this is exactly what we attract, reflect and experience. At times, it may not be immediately reflected in our experience, but the power and the energy of loving kindness has a force for good that is beyond our comprehension.

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The Living Beauty
of a Summer Morning

Summer humidity brings gifts in the wake of its discomfort.  Step outside early in the morning and inhale deeply.  The earth is breathing.  It is releasing a treasure trove of scent.  This is the  essence of life.  It is a magnificent, and spiritually-enhanced freshness found only in those elusive moments early in the day. It is a perfume that escapes from a dew-kissed blossom, and is carried aloft on a soft, meandering breeze.  

Summer mornings are a loving gift to the soul from Mother Earth.  This is not man made, it is God Created.  Notes of jasmine, freshly turned soil, sun-ripened tomatoes and summer basil fill the senses.  Yes, step outside early in the morning with your cup of coffee and revel in the full beauty of summer while birds serenade you and the sky casts a living masterpiece before you of cloud, color and light.  Feel the breeze as it glides by, bringing with it a living scent of greenery in full bloom.  

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Let Summer Pull You Outside

The Inner Hope of Spring

The arrival of Spring is welcomed by earth’s harmonious response to an impulse of life from Divine Intelligence.  It bursts forth, fresh and vibrant with new growth.  Heavenly bird song rides the wind and tender green, newly formed leaves cover the land; expressing the unlimited possibility of creation.  Warmth and golden light dance upon the earth, in symphony with nature’s rhythm. Out of the darkness of winter, brilliant color and fragrance blossom forth. Can you feel the spiritual energy all around you?  Spring is a fortuitous time for re-awakening a rapport with the natural world.

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The Inner Hope of Spring - the video

Her Life Had Been Hiding All Along
In Plain Sight

A very, short story about one woman’s moment of clarity.

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Breaking Free of the Illusion
of Being Stuck

All too often we overthink the starting point.  It’s as if an invisible force blocks our path and we can’t seem to get past ‘Go’.  We’ve stopped connecting with the beauty of our original vision. Instead, we allow ourselves to feel hemmed in by the illusion of constraints; such as feeling overwhelmed at all that needs to be done.  We forget, that we can build anything one task at a time. If our thoughts go to this lightless place whenever we contemplate moving forward, we now know why our power feels stuck and inert.  The truth of the matter, is that there is no obstruction, it’s simply an illusion that we are buying into. 

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How To Reclaim Balance
When People Are Pissing You Off

The challenge we all face, is changing our approach to life if it does not include an unlimited perspective.  It is difficult to take a long, hard look and come away with the realization, that we are seeing only a fraction of overall truth.  We tend to filter life through a lens that is rather murky.  Criticism, judgment, condemnation, etc., all of that negativity shows up when we’re looking at life through a single, pin hole of light.  We think it’s the full picture, but a more accurate assessment reveals that it’s not even close to what’s really happening. We’re forming opinions based on what we see and feel and believe, and a lot of that data might be more illusion than fact.  

Duality is our lot.  In other words, we are limitless, spiritual beings confined within the perceived limitations of an earthly experience.  We don’t have to remain in this cramped space.  We can open our hearts to the fact that there’s more to a person or a situation than what meets the eye.  A perspective that is unlimited is always loving, and always centered. It is Christ-like.  She or he who seeks to accept a person or a situation, whether or not they are in solidarity, is someone who has started down the path of peace.  

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The Power of a Daily Spiritual Routine

When we come across a person whose innate peacefulness leaves a lasting impression on us, we tend to wonder … “what’s their secret?”  Quite often, we learn that this same individual starts off each day with prayer and meditation.  We then glance down at our own crazy, day planner and think to ourselves, “not happening this week.”  

Introducing a daily, spiritual routine into our already, busy lives is, without a doubt, the formal acceptance of a time commitment.  The promise lies in the pay-off, in the peacefulness we witness in those who have taken up the practice.  A substantial increase in balance and harmony is attractive and like anything worthwhile, it’s something that we earn.

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Living An Unlimited Life Begins With A Single Change Of Thought

Most of us have had a poignant experience that lodges in our conscious mind, long after the sun has set on a particular day.  We replay the scene over and over, tagging the guilty and the not guilty.  We identify so completely with the associated feelings of frustration, anger or depression, that the fall-out can affect a perfectly fine day, even weeks, months or years down the road.  

Whether the scenario is decades old or from the past week, it seems to consume us in a way that is difficult to shake off.  In a sense, we are trapped in the past, only because we choose to return and re-live the moment; instead of releasing it and moving on.  The question is why do we choose to imprison ourselves?  Why not liberate ourselves and thereby positively affect every other area of our lives?  The moment has arrived for you to begin living an unlimited life.

Concepts that we choose to carry around like awkward, heavy baggage, are often experienced as a sense of physical constriction, or emotional oppression.  It is entirely possible to let go of these burdensome thought forms through a process of awareness and release; that is followed by a true perspective shift.  In other words, there is always hope.

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Angels Bending Near The Earth

The Christmas season bestows the gift of a beneficial pause, in the very center of our rush hour lives, when truly, we can sense the presence of Angels, bending near the earth.  In the 7 weeks following Thanksgiving, we find ourselves in a unique, moment of time, when a spiritual door, if opened wide in love and trust, can usher in the illuminating light of Christ.  We can choose to welcome this ray of love sent by Jesus, when we open our mind to this energy, allow it to surge within our hearts and permit His Peace, Love and Harmony to anchor in our souls.

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Conflict with Self or Others
is a Detour from Destiny

A sense of inner calm is a state of being that comes about as a direct result of our choices.  It is a consequence of thoughts, emotions and actions, chosen precisely for the overall beneficial effect on a life path that is focused upon peacefulness. 

When meaningful peace remains elusive, it is because we are in conflict.  We are resisting the very place in which we find ourselves. If we continue refusing to accept the present moment, we detour away from destiny, and risk losing our way.  Daily living is marred by discomfort when we allow negative self-talk to run amok or we buy into the coarse energy of the outer world.

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Inner Light

During both the smooth days of our lives and those days that are a bit more stormy, the most important place for us, to focus our attention on, is within ourselves.  This is the first place we go to, this is the first tool we use, this is the first thought we have, as we endeavor to return to a more peaceful ‘Now’ moment.  We go immediately to where ‘The Light of Christ’ resides, which is in our hearts.  

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Inner Light - the video

Forgiveness Begins With Yourself

Forgiveness and love walk hand-in-hand through life.  A calm acceptance of the feelings that arise after one of our less-than-inspired decisions, is simply a far more serene path to follow.  We can choose to be hard on ourselves, again, or we can learn from a mistake.  The choice is ours.  As we begin to love and accept both the thorns and the petals that constitute our wholeness as a person, we are then able to open our hearts to love.  

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Deeply Alive

When was the last time you felt deeply alive? What did that power feel like?  What brought back the doubt and fear?  There was a reason why, you turned away from your magnificence. We sabotage ourselves over and over. We fall back on endless excuses.  It’s time to try something new.

Break a Habit with Spiritual Power

The foundation upon which you begin to break a habit, is composed of a single concept and this concept must be ingrained into your subconscious.  All of our unwanted behaviors are based on thoughts and taking action on these thoughts create obstacles to what you really want in your life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience which means you are far more powerful and magnificent than you give yourself credit for.  It’s time to unleash that power!  

Let’s begin by going back to that concept of a thought and how you are acting upon it, in fact, let’s call it what it is … an urge.  An urge to smoke, to drink, to overeat, to gamble, to shop whatever your poison - it all begins with a single thought that appears on the canvas of our conscious mind.  

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Break a Habit with Spiritual Power

the inspirational video ...

The Freedom of a Fresh Perspective

Invite a fresh perspective into your life.  Embrace an outlook that is as invigorating as a March breeze.  Step outside of the viewpoint that constricts you.  Leave behind your fear and embrace your freedom.  We imprison ourselves, all by ourselves through the nature of our thoughts.  We paint ourselves into corners and build boxes around our potential; which are constructed from all the reasons ‘why’ we can’t become who we really are, and begin doing that which truly expresses our heart’s desire.  

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A Pathway To Peace

On those days when we feel discord, anxiety and restlessness and long for peace, we can begin our journey of conversion by remembering that deep within ourselves is an inner wholeness, a complete pattern of perfection, which is the Spirit of God.  

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the video ...

The Power, Energy & Potential
of Thought

Believe in your own God-given ability, to use the energy of your mind to create thoughts, that act as a vibratory force within the Universe, and bring forth your desired life.

Use The Power Of Your Mind
And Leave Worry Behind

It’s wonderful, when we can sense that our perspective on a situation is spiritual in nature.  There’s a feeling of deep, abiding peace and our outlook is calm and unhurried.  We can wrap ourselves in this emotion quite easily, when walking along a lush, forest path where God’s creative genius is manifested in a pine bough, a woodland violet or the flash of blue, as a bird maneuvers through the canopy overhead.  Can we bottle this feeling and take it with us? I think it’s possible ... with practice.  I often think of myself as a spiritual apprentice, as I learn how to remain in alignment with spiritual truth while walking along a far different sort of path, known as daily life.  

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The New Day
is brimming
with possibility

Every new day is brimming with possibility.  Set time aside upon rising and before retiring, each day, to envision your life as you want it to be.  As you walk through your day, focus on the positive aspects of every situation; they do exist.  Understand the power of your thoughts, they can take you where you want to go.  One positive thought attracts another and another ...  Never stop looking for reasons to feel good.  

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Beautiful Alaska!

Beautiful Alaska!  Mile after stunning mile of inspiring, natural beauty.  A few moments from my summer vacation in a brief, natured-inspired video that is greatly enhanced by an acoustic guitar piece that was written and performed by my son, Lee Blanton.

'Taking Heaven Lightly'
by Róísín Fitzpatrick
~ A book review ~

Taking Heaven Lightly by Róísín Fitzpatrick, is the true story of her own life transformation following a Near Death Experience (NDE).  While the author was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage, she found herself drawn out of her body and into a brilliant and shimmering light.  It was during her immersion in this radiant light, that Ms. Fitzpatrick encountered the splendor of unconditional love. 

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Go on a pilgrimage
within the parameters
of your own life

Pilgrimages to sacred places were of great importance for the Celtic people.  Along the way, cairns were left by these pilgrims as they progressed on their spiritual journey.  These carefully built towers, constructed from rocks lying near the path, were tangible signs that represented a range of personal accomplishments from a single, soul-changing prayer to the completion of their pilgrimage.  Even within the parameters of our own, everyday lives we too can go on a pilgrimage.  

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Define What Is Sacred
In Your Life

The article...

Take a moment and define for yourself what is sacred in your life. The word sacred is often ascribed to land, scripture and tradition. It is a characteristic that is not assigned with a casual hand. The land may have been a site of a bloody battle where the remains of warriors are honored. A tradition or ceremony described as sacred is often religious and is venerated by the faithful. Yet, we can claim our own sacred beliefs for reasons of love, peace and security. 

If you can imagine what is sacred, then you can take it with you wherever you go. Approach the multitude of choices that compose a single day and infuse it with what is sacred to you. 

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the video ...

OK Universe,
You Have
My Full Attention

For the last few weeks, I’ve been mired in a quagmire called ‘distraction’.  In order to avoid discomfort, one takes the easy road, a well-traveled street named ‘Evasion’.  While hanging out on Evasion road, I would rally from time-to-time, get work done and then, just as quickly, I would resume full-on immersion mode in yet another distraction.  

You can feel distraction physically; your chest contracts, your mind runs from thought to thought, and spiritual principles are applied half-heartedly, if at all.  The result?  No peace whatsoever.  While I may not have been focused, actively on the work I needed to be doing, I sure as heck was thinking about it.  No escape.  Nowhere to turn.  Ah, the garden needed weeding and so, off I ran.

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Our thoughts today
our lives tomorrow

Fill your mind with an expectancy of good things.  Truly, if we believe that the thoughts we think and the actions we take, lead to the person we become, then it is incumbent upon us to raise our standards in daily life.  When we fill our mind with the expectancy of God, He will answer.  Often, His presence is placed squarely in our sight.  God is here and we can sense it, if we calm ourselves and bother to really look.  In some ways, it can be likened to bird watching, in that we must silence our voices, be still and sharpen our vision so that our awareness is heightened and we are able recognize the trill of bird song or the pattern of a feathered wing when it crosses our field of vision.

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Celtic Wisdom: 
A captivating Spirituality

The lyric melody of celtic music is captivating to the senses.  At the very least, it can lift our spirits and lighten our hearts. At best, it can assist us in transcending our limitations and connecting with a higher consciousness.  Music in general has the singular power to bring about an immediate attitude adjustment.  For that reason, music is sacred in all spiritual traditions.  Constant chatter gives way to interior reflection as the music plays.  There is a spiritual component to celtic music that mirrors the essence of celtic wisdom.  Just as music attracts and transforms us, the celtic experience of nature with fully attentive senses is also spiritually transformational.

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The Wise Woman:
Celtic Spirituality

the video ...

the article ...

Although the title of wise woman conjures up an image of a matriarchal figure of a long ago clan, it was and continues to be a description of the hearth keeper. Just as in ancient times, women continue to nurture, heal and care for others. Quite often, their presence around the hearth was taken for granted, yet their absence was always profoundly evident. Some things never change. Woven throughout the varied characteristics of the wise woman is an undeniable presence of strength. It is this same strength that provided the wise woman with the courage to move from the hearth keeper to a celtic warrior queen. Women have been multi-tasking for centuries.

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The Spiritual Responsibility 
of Self Improvement

the video ...

the article ...

I tend to view the virtues and principles of the spiritual life through the clear lens of nature.  My soul soars with freedom in the presence of an open sky.  I find inspiration expressed in the grandeur of a panoramic vista and see hope within the sparkling rain drops of a sun shower.  I believe that both the sunrise and the sunset are not just remarkable in their show of color, but instead, both of these atmospheric creations are complete thoughts written out across the canvas of the sky in a spiritual language not often spoken, in this material dimension of life.

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Crafting an Authentic Life

Imagine taking a seat in a theater to watch a film composed of scenes from an ordinary day in your own life.  What if the day chosen was unknown to you, along with every person seated throughout the venue?  What feelings rise to the surface as you look around the room?  Are you feeling calm or anxious?  Curious or fearful?  Empowered or paralyzed?  Is there an awareness of your own need for control, a desire to escape or are you experiencing a sense of detachment from the event?  

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The Solid Core 
of a Genuine Resolution

the video ...

the article ...

At the center of a genuine resolution is a solid core of determination, discipline and an unshakeable belief in self.  A resolution is the act of setting an intention to bring about a life change.  At its heart, this is a choice to give yourself what you need, instead of what you might want.  Quite often the components which compose the heart and soul of a resolution are most in need of strengthening.

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Dream Fulfillment Plan

the video ...

the article ...

The realization of a dream is actually the experience of one more victory in a line of a thousand victories.   Each small success creates a foundation for the next step forward.  The simple fact of your presence at the very start and throughout the journey, is the one essential component in this undertaking.  As you complete each task and move the project ahead, it is endurance not speed that characterizes the substance of your engagement.   

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The Connection between
Self Talk and Mindfulness

There is a definite connection between positive self talk and the practice of mindfulness.  For me, this awareness required time before it took root in my life and quite honestly, I was bumbling through the attempt to change how I regarded myself, as well as the act of approaching life mindfully.  I never realized how these two seemingly parallel paths were in fact, intricately bound up with each other; that is until today.

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The Aromatherapeutic Power
Essential Oils

Our initial contact with essential oils is most often a sensory encounter with the power of aroma.  We close our eyes, inhale deeply and are astonished at the resulting calm or sense of revitalization that we experience.  Aromatherapeutic mood enhancement is not new, but as of late, this practice is enjoying a vital comeback.  The process by which both essential oils are gathered, as well the biochemical response of our bodies to these aromatics is complex yet completely natural.

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Let Hope Transform Your Life

the video ...

the article ...

Hidden within the jewel of hope is the power of miraculous transformation.

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the Abundance
of Contemplation

the video ...

the article ….

Delicate seeds are gently sown in the tilled loam of spring with trust in the summer sun. In the long days of warmth and light, a blossom is encouraged to break forth.  The season of growth leads to the labor of harvest; for it is only through toil that we reap abundance. 

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Top Ten Pearl of Wisdom
I Learned
Hiking up a Mountain

the video ...

the article ...

Top Ten Pearls of Wisdom
I Learned
Hiking up a Mountain

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  This is especially true when hiking up a mountain.  It’s not something you roll out of bed and decide to do one fine morning.  There’s physical conditioning to consider, essential planning, and information to gather about the trail.  Climbing a mountain is like every other challenge in life, it requires steady progress towards the goal.

Scaling the summit of Mt. Baldy taught me a few things...

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The Sacred In Our Lives

Take a moment and define for yourself what is sacred in your life. The word sacred is often ascribed to land, scripture and tradition. It is a characteristic that is not assigned with a casual hand. The land may have been a site of a bloody battle where remains of warriors are honored. A tradition or ceremony described as sacred is often religious and is venerated by the faithful. Yet, we can claim our own sacred beliefs for reasons of love, peace and security. When we conceive of that which is sacred, we travel to a place within that is devoid of earthbound problems. In this place, we feel the presence of God. If you can imagine what is sacred to you, why not begin to take it with you wherever you go. Approach the multitude of choices that compose a single day and infuse it with what is sacred to you. 

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Set An Intention For Summer

There’s still plenty of summer ahead.  Time enough to savor sweet peaches, a morning swim and balmy evenings with the scent of jasmine on the breeze.  Ah, summer ...  So full of life and yet, so very fleeting.  Make the most of it.  As much as we enjoy these sunny days and sultry nights, getting everything we can out of a single day needs to become part of our approach to daily living.  

We do that by taking action in life.  When we set an intention for ourselves, we move beyond the hazy, dream state of simply having an intention.  When a specific intention is set, we put the gears into motion.  Summer is a wonderful time to set an intention for yourself.  I did just that a year ago and my life has truly been transformed.

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Hiking to Heaven

The scent of pine perfuming a quiet woodland attracts our senses in a way that is foreign to the secularized world.

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Scaling the Ascent of Personal Conversion

Conquering any worthwhile goal is never easy. Plan on pushing yourself beyond all self-imposed limitations, if you’re serious about reaching the summit.

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Increase Mindfulness While Hiking
and Other Distraction Busters

Mindfulness is freedom from being stuck. It empowers you to take action because you are finally aware of what’s holding you back.

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Morning Light

There is something so clean and pure and straightforward about morning light and I am drawn to it.


Invite God to the power meetings

Want to end the procrastination and get organized? Invite God to the power meetings.


You are my sunshine

Without the sun, our world would be plunged in darkness just as when we are living outside of God’s truth, we experience spiritual darkness.


Springtime: The season to renew  and rejuvenate

Spring cleaning our homes and pantries prepares us to greet Spring with a fresh outlook


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