Pipe Wrench Politics

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

During the waning moments of Election Day, just minutes prior to the polls closing in California, a documentary team burst into our headquarters. As Precinct Director, I was asked how I believed the GOP would “heal” in the aftermath of the Obama victory. Heal? Was this a serious question? It was the furthest thing from my mind. To be honest, the question both repulsed me and pissed me off. This is my country we’re talking about; not just some hard fought political race. The battle isn’t over and I’ll never stop fighting the enemy within. To Liberals who find my unabashed patriotism really rather nauseating what with the defeat et al, I’ve got one thing to say: choke on it.

The monologue I unleashed on film is probably the reason why I never received a call to sign a release form. I laugh now when I think about it because actually it was quite therapeutic after months of long hours and hard work to be given the opportunity to tear into the Democrat party for the rampant corruption, the lies, the cover up, the union ‘thuggery’, the propaganda, the voter registration fraud and their lousy, irresponsible approach to government. I live in California and so I’m well versed on the destruction that follows in the wake of Liberals in power. I’m certain that every second of the tape ended up on the cutting room floor. I was actually surprised because I thought for certain that at least they’d splice some hatchet job of an interview together to wrongly portray me as an unhinged Conservative.

I realized that they couldn’t give a rip if I healed or if the party healed; they were here to mock us and get some Indy Film Fest applause. I let them know exactly what I thought about their lame attempt to kick us in defeat with this ludicrous notion of healing. As I spoke, I looked directly into the camera and mocked them about their debased path to victory tainted by the ACORN corruption, the media attack on the entire Palin family, cheap shots at the expense of Cindy McCain, the refusal to thoroughly vet ‘the one’, the pipe wrench politics of Chicago, the illegal money coffers and the kid glove treatment that B. Hussein O. received. What name combo has the “Pessimist-Elect” deemed appropriate? Is the middle name still taboo? Who knows and so, I’ve concocted my own combo. Bottom line, the endless 2008 election has left me with an absolute distrust of and disgust for the Democrat Party and the Liberal elites who have traded in their journalism chops to become toothless propagandists.

This is not to say that the McCain/Palin campaign was well run, by any stretch of the imagination. Opportunity after opportunity was squandered, but by now we’re all tired of that discussion. There was a volunteer at our office who told us that while visiting her daughter in Iowa, she was approached by a paid Obama worker two years before the primary! The Obama campaign pockets were deep, if not altogether legal and McCain couldn’t match their game online.

We may be down, but who doesn’t love an underdog? Really though, what about the rampant corruption and the gang of undesirables that Obama was hanging with? What happens now with all that? Do we just sweep it under the rug along with all of the illegal campaign contributions and the voter registration fraud? Did B. Hussein O. ever clear up all that mess with his birth certificate? Will it soon be illegal to discuss this? What was that bizarre Germany appearance all about; that ‘citizen of the world’ tour? That road show was even more nauseating that having some Liberal ask me how I intended to heal following the election. Something just isn’t right.

The fact that a career politician like Democrat Barney Frank has the audacity to place blame for the housing crisis everywhere except at his own ‘former prostitution storefront’ door should be front page news. Instead, the double standard is employed where Democrat corruption isn’t worth examining while Republican corruption warrants a life sentence. Face it folks, we no longer have an unbiased media in this county, we have a Liberal press that pretends to be hard hitting, but just regurgitates Democrat talking points. I sometimes wonder if the Press realizes how lame their mindless obedience to corrupt overlords appears to the rest of us? One must feel like a bona fide invertebrate after a while, to be forbidden to voice one’s own perspective and just sell the goods irregardless of the facts.

Republican strategists talk about the need for “educating” America well, how about we start by flinging reality into the face of liars like Barney Frank who blocked reforms in order to issue mortgages in exchange for votes. Not only does he get away with lying to the nation and covering up his part in the mess, but the subsequent irony is that this guy is on the oversight committee that is supposed to investigate the sub-prime fiasco.

The common knowledge that the media was fully committed to the election of Obama necessitated the daily filtering of the truth before it was passed off as news. In fact, they pushed fluff pieces on the Obamas while peddling vicious lies about the Palins. Once they had their man and by this I emphasize not a woman, they put the full force of their influence peddling behind him. They held back the negatives while viciously attacking anything or anyone who might possibly stand in the way of the anointed one. This protectionism continues and will extend its treasonous tentacles to soften and defend the harsh Socialist policy supported by Liberal elites and the corrupt Democrats they protect.

It’s not the loss of the White House to the Democrats that concerns me as much as the complete loss of truth in covering the White House now that the Democrats are in power. It started once the ‘Bush Derangement Syndrome’ raced like a virus through the Liberal press; but now a black curtain has descended. Protectionism has replaced hysteria and it’s far more sinister. There’s a traitor among us and it’s the media.

Can we count on the Republicans in Congress to stand up to this or are we going to get the ‘it’s a Congress thing, you wouldn’t understand’ speech? Just tell us now whether or not you intend to just assist them in shoving Socialism down our throats. We’ll save lots of time by not having to write and call you and instead we’ll work ourselves to the bone to unseat you in two years.

Since Liberals have lost the ability to respond directly to a simple question as a result of Statist behavioral doctrine, we’ll never know the true depths of corruption that swirled around the Obama campaign and continues to swirl in unprecedented proportion leading up to Inauguration Day and surely beyond.

We can count on a few courageous Conservatives, but what about the rest of the GOP? How about a little “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” action up there for a change? Let’s kick the dust back in their faces. Stand up and fight on our behalf to hang onto what is left of this Republic! That’s what you were elected to do. If Republicans in Congress don’t realize how sick and tired their constituents have become of weak Republican rollovers, they’ll find out soon enough. Oh and by the way, quit voting to fund ACORN already, it’s paramount to paving a road to your own demise.

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