National Tea Party Convention Day Three

The Conservative Voice of the National Tea Party Convention (Day Two)

By Bridget Geegan Blanton

Michelle Moore, SGP Director of Technology engaged a packed room at the National Tea Party Convention as she detailed the short yet amazing history of Smart Girl Politics of which she was an integral part. The story of SGP along with its mission as told by Michelle inspired numerous conservative women to join Smart Girl Politics today. The topic of voter registration as an effective tool of grassroots activism was also covered during this Break Away session.

During lunch, convention attendees listened to a powerful speaker line up. First up, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. Fitton told the crowd “we’re investigating everything.” Currently, Judicial Watch has filed 50 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests regarding the notorious Bailouts. Fitton described the Obama administration as a “stonewall” in preventing these facts from seeing the light of day. Fitton also discussed FOIA requests that average citizens can and should be filing on their local governments in regards to state of many cities and townships as sanctuaries for illegal aliens. He added that local politicians should fear Judicial Watch more than the ACLU; to which the crowd responded with boisterous applause.

Next up, was former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Roy Moore; a.k.a. “the 10 Commandments Judge.” Moore began by delivering a portion of the famous “give me liberty or give me death” speech of Patriot, Patrick Henry that effectively produced an atmosphere where one could hear a pin drop. Moore went on to describe Obama’s bowing to the Saudis as an act that “subjugated our national sovereignty.” Moore reminded the crowd that we are in a moral, as well as an economic crisis. He said that “we live in a time that tries not just the souls of men and women, but the soul of our nation.” Moore concluded his inspiring talk with the directive; “we must fight, I repeat, we must fight.”

Following lunch, a popular Break Away session with an overflow crowd presented a discussion on “Defeating Liberals in the Primary Process.” The panel included Chicagoans, Bruce Donnelly of Tim Kraulidis of and recent primary winner for the IL 8th Congressional District, Joe Walsh, Following the nation’s first primary, this Illinois-based panel presented insight into setting up candidate forums, as well as a break- down on the success of Walsh’ primary race in a crowded field.

Fox News Political Analyst Angela McGlowan, founder and CEO of Political Strategies & Insights, kicked off the evening program over dinner. McGlowan brought down the house with her solid, conservative discourse and hinted towards a big announcement on Monday of her own candidacy. Next on stage was Joseph Farah of who delivered a ‘no holds barred’ speech reflective of the courageous news served up daily at his web-site.

The evening was capped off with a special screening of the new film ‘Generation Zero’ by acclaimed conservative film maker Stephen K. Bannon. The film delves into the economic meltdown, the greed behind it and the ongoing fiscal mismanagement by the elite, entrenched, Political class. The film is endorsed by Andrew Breitbart and should be the one film you see this year.

Media presence at the convention continues to build with the arrival of Governor Sarah Palin on Saturday night. Much like the mission at Smart Girl Politics, the focus at this convention can be best described as Engage, Educate and Empower. Convention participants are networking, learning about political engagement and are hearing from the most powerful, conservative voices in the country.