Common Sense Conservatives Conclude Tea Party Convention

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

The central theme running throughout the final day of the National Tea Party Convention focused on the movement itself. How strong is it? Will it last? Speakers confronted these questions while rank and file Tea Party convention attendees discussed new plans of action that they would be bringing home. As for the question of division within the movement, the hard working volunteers consider the discord as the inevitable growing pains of a new, spirited movement. The presence of unity and shared values among the folks who populate the movement was far stronger and only seemed to strengthen their resolve.

These people aren’t quitters and they know what they’re up against. They’re used to hard work and perseverance; in fact, it’s a way of life for them. These are the kind of folks prepared to go the distance to defend the Constitution and re-light the lamp of liberty so that it will continue to blaze freely into a dark and dangerous world. After a long weekend of training and networking, these Patriots from the Tea Party movement clearly understand the critical reality that the future of the movement depends on what happens at the grassroots level.

Andrew Breitbart, the self- professed “middle income media mogul” was among the day’s top draws. Breitbart didn’t break stride as he “pushed back” against the main stream media while they looked on. Fearless and direct, Breitbart called the media out on their “contempt for the American people.” He told the media that “it’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks.” The packed room was on its feet and facing the media assembled on a platform in the back as they applauded their agreement. Breitbart pointed out that the media and the elites who they answer to, can no longer control the narrative; not with the steady advance of new media of which Breitbart knows a thing or two. Breitbart shares a distinctive quality with Sarah Palin…he receives a standing ovation before and after he speaks from the podium. This was the case again later in the day when Breitbart introduced a mysterious, un-named conservative singer, songwriter as the opening act for the Saturday night dinner.

Keynote speaker Sarah Palin delivered one knock-out punch of a speech in a ballroom packed to capacity and against the backdrop of media from around the world. Patriot and Tea Partier, Peter Singleton of Menlo Park, CA stated decisively that Palin’s speech tonight surpassed the stirring performance she delivered from the floor of the 2008 Republican Party Convention.

Palin lost no time laying out her argument, our argument against the conduct and the policies coming out of the Obama White House. Palin advised the President to “stop lecturing and start listening” to the American people. Palin pointed out that our country needs “a national security policy that distinguishes our friends from our enemies and recognizes the true risks we face.” Palin added, that we need a “Commander in Chief not a Professor of Law,” in response to the Obama Administration’s bestowal of our Constitutional rights on the ‘Christmas Day Bomber’.

She recommended that the President would be well served to stop blaming all of his problems on his predecessor; and that we the people are “tired of hearing the talk, talk, talk” from this over-exposed President. Palin referred to the Stimulus money as “borrowed, printed up, invented dollars;” and questioned the so called “transparency behind closed doors.” In citing the broken promises and the administration’s deaf ear to the American people, Palin said, ”Washington has broken the trust of the American people.”

In an evening loaded with takeaway lines, Palin described the recently unveiled budget as “record breaking and mind boggling.” Unafraid, Palin moved from comments on the budget to her conviction that “freedom was a God given right.” Countless standing ovations occurred one after another in a room filled with the energy that Palin unfailingly brings. When questioned later about how she would advise someone to handle the vitriolic attacks that she has endured from the intolerant leftist media, Palin advised people to “just plow right through it…who cares.” How fitting, that all these conservatives would be gathered on the birthday of President Ronald Reagan for a speech by a true patriot and a great American woman, Sarah Palin who stands for common sense conservatism.