There is something so clean and pure and straightforward about morning light and I am drawn to it.

I love morning.

I always have.

I am a morning person.

Possibilities abound on most days; unless of course you’ve got jury duty, but then again try to look on the bright side of the morning light.

Sometimes the light is shrouded by gray and we allow this to color our mood.

Gray day much?

Create the missing morning light on gray days with inspiration. Find some.

Morning. Glorious morning. Coffee and clean canvas for the day ahead.

Another chance at putting a piece of the puzzle that is your dream into place.


Drink more coffee.

Write it down.

The day. Today I will ...

Figure out how to convert my 10-digit ISBN code into a 13-digit ISBN code.


Meet the local Twitter gals for lunch at a Tweetup.

Run errands.

Make Miso Soup for dinner.

... and that’s just a rough sketch of my day.

Time to work on a dream ( converting my novel into an e-book )

Time to improve myself ( work-out )

Time to up my social media game ( the tweetup )

Time to manage the human condition ( run errands )

Time to get creative ( make Miso Soup )

... and so another day is underway; inspired by the brilliance of morning light.

Miso Soup Recipe {inspired by my trip to Japan}