Meditation Archive II

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Daily Wisdom

"The eye speaks with an eloquence

and truthfulness surpassing speech.

It is the window

out of which the winged thoughts

often fly unwittingly.

It is the tiny magic mirror

on whose crystal surface

the moods of feeling fitfully play,

like the sunlight

and shadow on a still stream."

~ Henry Theodore Tuckerman

Thoughts of Joy

Your thoughts are what frighten you.

Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.

Your thoughts are what cause you to be frustrated, angry,

disappointed, impatient and uncomfortable.

And your thoughts can also take you far away

from all of those things.

For your thoughts can transform anger into forgiveness,

disappointment into determination,

discomfort into inspiration,

and fear into love.

The choice is always yours.

The world is what it is.

Yet your thoughts determine

how you situate yourself into the world.

By controlling your thoughts you control the kind of world

in which you live.

At the times when you realize it,

and at the times when you don't,

you are always controlling your thoughts.

Deep inside you

is a beautiful, unique person

who seeks true joy and fulfillment.

Let your thoughts resonate

with the genuine person you are,

and that joy does surely come.

Whispers on the Wind

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

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