Japanese Food Is Art On Your Plate

What better way to immerse yourself in a foreign culture than to embark upon this experience with a completely open mind when it comes to cuisine.

Japanese food is aesthetically beautiful, healthy and delish! I loved it. Yes, I had fish for breakfast! I’m also finally comfortable with chopsticks… it took a while… All these years of eating sushi/sashimi and eventually I got the hang of it.

An incredible breakfast buffet is laid out in style every morning at the Tokyo Hilton. The western breakfast staples are available but, I went native. Believe me, the idea of eating fish for breakfast was slightly daunting; however, I’m glad I did … along with miso soup & ginger infused noodles…

Somen Noodles with ginger and scallions... crazy good ... find the simple and fast recipe for these noodles within the Miso Soup Recipe linked to below....

Miso Soup with Pork

Every morning, I also picked up a little Mueseli...in the photo above...found in the small, square glass container with the mint leaf garnish. The Mueseli was excellent and those little glass square jars are too adorable...

I was able to successfully evade this carbohydrate overdrive display for the first few mornings. Towards the end of our trip I was bee-lining for 'Berliners' - wee, jelly-filled donuts...

I'm about as boring as one can get with breakfast...on most mornings I have a bowl of cornflakes. While in Japan, I had this grilled fish pictured above broken up and mixed into the ginger Somen noodles. Delish!

I never did get around to trying these fishcakes, but they were immensely popular with the Japanese people staying at the Hilton. The pink-edged ones were just so pretty!

There were several varieties of fish both smoked and raw available in this area; along with slices of the most incredible ham I've ever had. My husband was far more adventurous at breakfast and had smoked mackerel every morning.. I tried a bite - just too far out for a cornflakes gal like myself.

Here's a shot of the infamous Tokyo Hilton Breakfast Buffet at full throttle. Towards the far end of the line is where you can order eggs and pick up the American breakfast staples like sausage & bacon.

The Chocolate Boutique is located in the Lobby and is open late into the evening. It offers exquisite, artistic chocolates along with several varieties of cakes.

Please try the Miso Soup with Pork recipe linked to above... Don't be freaked out by the Miso Paste - this is some seriously, excellent soup!