Japanese Container Plants

I found these tiny plants in a store located in walkway next to the Shinjuku Metro Station in Tokyo, Japan. I was mesmerized. I have always loved tiny things...just ask my sister Erin - it's kind of a life long obsession with me...

These tiny container plants embody classic Japanese design. Beauty and efficiency brought together in an artistic format. It’s also a form of Bonsai in that you’ll need to prune the plant to maintain consistency in appearance due to the tiny container it’s planted in.

Soon after my return to the 'states... I just had to try my hand at creating a few tiny container plants. For a little over $12.00 I put together the necessary supplies.

At Michaels, I found small, rectangular-shaped vases for $1.99 each. I also picked up small, glass pebbles at $3.99 a bag. The pebbles are pictured below.

I picked up a plant for $3.99 that I split in half with a steak knife along with a small bag of rich, potting soil - also $3.99.

To assemble - I put a small layer of glass pebbles in the bottom for drainage purposes; then added the soil and the plant. After packing in a bit more soil, I watered the plant and then added a top layer of glass pebbles.

Here are a couple of shots of the finished product.

Consider putting together a couple of these tiny container plants the next time you need to bring along a hostess gift...

Along that same walkway next to Shinjuku Station was a florist..again...I just loved the tiny bouquets on display.

A little further down the walkway was an Aveda Salon. I loved that they included potted plants in their window display.

Shopping in Japan is such a visual experience. While you're in Tokyo also be sure to stop by the large department stores - they are worth checking out - especially the home goods floor where you can pick up beautiful rice bowls; and the stationary floors where you'll find beautiful Japanese paper.