Japanese Buddhist Temple

Just outside the Tokyo Metro and en route to the Buddhist Temple.

Impressive entry way into the Buddhist Temple area.

A huge statue off to the left, located just after passing thru the arched entry way.

View of the Buddhist Temple with the Tokyo Tower in the background.

The Japanese Buddhist Temple.

The Star Festival or ‘Tanabata’ is celebrated annually on July 7th. The colored banners attached to Bamboo branches represent a wish.

Wood Block Prints.

Ceremonial Incense burner releasing a scent that lightly perfumed the air.

The next series of photos show a Buddhist Memorial area near the temple. I was so captivated by this Memorial...all the wee caps on the cement 'doll' structures are hand-knit. It was so colorful and all you could hear was the wind zinging thru pin-wheels.

Above: A Banner near the Memorial

Below: Bamboo fence between the Memorial and the street.

The next few photos show a Zen Garden near the Temple.

and finally... a closer look at the Temple architecture.