Illegal Worker Hiring Sites Promote Racketeering

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

Mexico is notorious for corruption and is nearly unresponsive to a persistent, staggering poverty suffered by millions of Mexicans. At the top of the Mexican power structure is an elitist, wealthy ruling class that vehemently resists even a modest level of taxation while supporting the status of Mexico as a nation dependent on American financial aid. Onerous taxation and big government is never a solution, but at the other extreme is the Mexican ruling class who has shunned any responsibility for the dire economic state of their country.

In a stealth move, the cost of providing for impoverished Mexicans has been shifted onto Americans in lieu of creating Mexican industries that would develop the potential of their abundant natural resources. We, Americans need to stop buying into the propaganda and believing the lie that we are responsible for the poor of Mexico.

When corrupt Mexican government officials gather, they don't discuss possible reform measures; instead they strategize on how to increase the billions of U.S. aid dollars that pour annually into their coffers. This is corruption in action. This is the same corrupt government that looks the other way while a ruthless drug cartel uses violence to control the Mexican border.

Leave it to the invariably out-of-touch U.S. Congress to cut a billion dollar check to the Mexican government while Mexican citizens here in this country illegally, run up an annual national tab of close to $340 billion. (Source: There is a serious void of logic, leadership and accountability on both sides of the border.

Why does the U.S. government play along with Mexican corruption? On the one hand NAFTA explains a tremendous amount but, then again perhaps American politicians admire how their Mexican counterparts actively express a contempt for accountability and keep the masses powerless, through abject poverty. I mean, after awhile, this whole 'we the people' thing must become rather grating on an American politician obsessed solely with keeping his or her hold on centralized power.

The fact that the notorious corruption of the Mexican government fails to be addressed, not by our government, and never by the illegal immigrant 'rights' organizations is as troubling as it is questionable. There's more to this latest installment of 'whistling in the dark' than meets the eye. The American people were sitting ducks when the Mexican propaganda war got underway. By and large, Americans have bought into the lie that it is their 'responsibility' to care for the poor of Mexico. What a coup for the Mexican government!

It comes as no surprise that most, if not all, illegal alien 'rights' organizations turn out to have ties to the 'reconquista' movement. That's just what we need, an expansion of Mexico's governmental corruption, elitist greed and grinding poverty.

Bottom line, the Mexican government and their wealthy, Mexican friends are laughing all the way to the banco de Mexico. The illegal immigration problem has grown to such a crisis level that the latest by-product is a wave of illegal day laborer hiring sites. Although California is the birthplace of this living testament to outright violation of federal law, county-funded day laborer hiring sites are popping up all across the nation. In truth, they're nothing more than government sanctioned racketeering schemes paid for, of course, with your tax dollars.

City officials look weak, bought and paid for, and borderline criminal in their role as proponents of illegal day laborer hiring sites. In essence, these city officials are unlawful hypocrites as they fork over precious resources to operate these centers while condoning the practice of tax evasion by businesses that hire illegal day laborers and pay them under the table.

The lack of leadership on behalf of politicians, designate them as easy marks in face of the relentless pressure by pro-illegal immigrant special interest groups. I've lost count of the number of statutes violated by the promotion of illegal activity in the guise of illegal day laborer hiring sites.

Due to the fact that an illegal immigrant fails to possess legal authorization to pursue employment in the U.S. makes it illegal to hire them. The American people have made it loud and clear to congress that the ill-conceived, self-serving, special interest pacifying solution of amnesty is no solution at all. Instead, the American people expect elected officials to enforce the rule of law.

Consider the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) that protects legal businesses from unfair competition. The very act of opening a county-funded illegal day laborer hiring site is in direct violation of the RICO statutes. Build it and they will come; both unscrupulous businesses and illegal day laborers.

Close them and they will go away. Target businesses that profit from hiring illegal laborers and we'll start getting a handle on this problem. Moreover, there are scores of centers that request a fee for bringing together anonymous business owners and workers who entered this country illegally. By definition, city officials are obstructing justice and engaging in racketeering.

Our elected officials seem to fall over themselves as they line up and support the Mexican policy dictating that American tax payers must assume all responsibility related to the crushing poverty that the corrupt Mexican government and the ruling class elites have forced upon the impoverished, Mexican populace.

As for American companies that claim they will close down if illegal day laborers aren't available; I must remind them, again, that America has outlawed slavery. Slavery is an indignant, repugnant practice that violates morality, decency and the intrinsic value and dignity of a human life. In other words, slave labor is illegal in America.

Americans are weary of the propaganda drumbeat, claiming illicitly, that illegal workers do the jobs that Americans won't do or that this country would fall into some kind of a death spiral if illegal day laborers went back to where they came from. It's propaganda, pure and simple; don't believe it.

This isn't about race; as much as the 'reconquista' sympathizers will argue. It is about the scam that the Mexican government is running while they make off with countless billions of American tax dollars. Our own government has proven to be lame and ineffectual on the enforcement of federal immigration laws exposing our government to be as reprehensible as the corrupt Mexican government.

Mexico is foisting their social problems and the associated social costs on our back while coddling their billionaires and ignoring their responsibility to develop the potential of their abundant natural resources. To this, I say: "no more". Not one more dollar, not one more job, stop buying into the propaganda, open your eyes America; enough is enough.

American businesses that hire illegal day laborers are akin to slave traders, tax evaders and Racketeers. It is outrageous that illegal day laborer hiring sites are funded unlawfully with taxpayer dollars at the expense of all other programs. Taxpayers are already paying for a government-run employment agency to place unemployed American workers in jobs. The illegal day laborer hiring sites operate in direct competition to both government and privately owned employment agencies.

Mexico must be held accountable. We cannot continue to sustain the financial burden of another country. Speak out loudly and incessantly against the county-funded, government-sanctioned promotion of illegal employment practices; a.k.a. illegal day laborer hiring sites.

Don't allow your city officials to publicly violate federal law as they cower in response to pressure from the ACLU and illegal immigrant 'rights' groups. Hold your city officials accountable to the oath they've taken to uphold the law of the land; whether or not they find the whole business of accountability as contemptible as their Mexican counter parts.

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