I Have Had Enough Of You!

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

There’s a scene in a Star Trek movie where Captain Kirk is all-out stomping on the desperate grasp of a Klingon, while the space thug claws the side of a cliff in an attempt to hang on. When Kirk finally delivers a fatal blow and knocks the Klingon off the precipice and into a fiery pit, Kirk says, with obvious pent up anger and frustration: “I have had enough of you!” Exchange ‘Klingon’ with ‘Liberal’ and the scene possesses that much more resonance.

If there is one issue that I have had enough of as a Californian it is the pro illegal immigration policies of this sanctuary state. On an annual basis, billions of dollars are spent by liberal Democrats on people who are here illegally. Illegal immigration is modern day slavery and it’s the Democrats who prop up the border invaders on the backs of California taxpayers.

Democrats on the Los Angeles City Council recently passed legislation that will force Home Depot stores to provide shelter, water and restroom facilities for the illegal immigrant day laborers who loiter in their parking lots.

Once again we watch in utter disgust as a specious pack of Liberals waste precious time and resources carrying out the bidding of their master…special interest money. Coddling invaders is the sum total of all that is ever accomplished in the once golden state of California. The rampant corruption in Mexico and its own tax evading elite upper class is never held to task for the deplorable job performed governing Mexican citizens.

Leave it to the Mexican Marxists entrenched in L.A. to mandate still another pro-illegal invader scheme thereby solidifying its sanctuary city status; in callous disregard of the recent cold-blooded murder of a father and his two sons by a criminal illegal alien MS-13 gang member up in San Francisco.

Liberal Legislators couldn’t care less about the millions of crimes perpetrated on Americans by illegal aliens. These Democrats demonstrate by their actions, to be as mentally deficient as the killers they protect. They’ve destroyed California, and have allowed Unions, illegal immigrant advocates and extremists of all stripes to dictate policy and state budget allotments against the will of the people.

Watch for religious freedom to be seriously eroded if gay marriage remains the law of the land in California. Discrimination lawsuits heavily tinged with hate crime language will be brought against priests, rabbis, preachers and deacons who refuse to perform same sex unions.

If you’re a self-aggrandizing egoist enslaved by special interest money possessing the ability to recklessly spend other people’s hard-earned money while concocting illogical legislation that crashes head on into laws already on the books then you possess the lack of character necessary to be a California style Liberal Democrat Career Politician.

Cold, despicable indifference rules these unabashedly addicted spenders who have single handedly gutted California and turned it into the laughing stock of the nation.

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of this liberal idiocy. Their irresponsible policies have bottomed out California’s fiscal viability. Activists who espouse elitist moral relativism know that a majority of Californians would vote their freedom-slaying social policies down so they force their God-less statism on us via the Clinton appointed activists in the judiciary.

The Hollywood liberals are another sect of sickening sophists who lecture us about their Marxist brand of environmentalism and the tyranny of the Bush administration from their million-dollar mansions; surrounded by their armies of hair dressers, manicurists, dieticians, personal assistants, public relations hacks and armed bodyguards. Tyranny? Really? Spend a day as an arrested Chinese dissident; tossed into a police state van and driven away at high speed never to be seen or heard from again before you utter a single word about imagined tyranny.

The rich and famous prance in and out of that needless mark-up of a grocery store, ‘Whole Foods’, in their pro-murderer/Che Guevera wear and dare to lecture us about gay marriage, unproven global warming and that corrupt, Marxist, pro-infanticide, terrorist-connected, Chicago con-man whom they’re backing for the Presidency.

I have had enough of you!

If filth-ridden, socialized medicine is forced on us by the tyrannical Left, don’t think for a moment that even one of those Hollywood prima donnas would be caught dead in a germ-ridden, public health, hell hole. It’s good enough for us, but for them…never….for them, only the best that money can buy.

Liberals like nothing better than modifying everyone’s behavior except their own.

While we’re on the subject of all that is completely unhinged about California, someone needs to tell the Unions the story about the boy who cried wolf. The Union financed radio and TV spots appear like clockwork every summer in California lying boldfaced to the public about how ‘cuts’ to the education budget will all but decimate our schools.

It’s a crock.

The teacher’s union receives a lion’s share of the budget year after year; and the lion’s share of that cut stays at the top in the hands of the Union bosses and their bloated pensions. Next to nothing is permitted by the Union to trickle down to the kids. Lies, special interests and extremism stalk Sacramento and constitute the force that determines the policy course California recklessly pursues and nothing changes, nothing improves; instead it destroys our quality of life and drains the treasury.

We’ve got thugs, Marxists, liars and deceivers running this state; so it’s no surprise that both citizens and corporations are leaving California in droves. They have had enough of you!

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