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A brief synopsis of
'Whispers on the Wind'

It is 1884. Kate O'Reilly stares resolutely into the wind on deck of the Golden Vanity, as the shoreline of her beloved Ireland disappears behind a veil of mist. Even now, she resists the possibility that happiness could be found in America. It is her father's dream, not her own. The story of Kate's personal journey begins amidst the mystical beauty of the Irish coastline. She learns early that love and laughter help to ease a soul's burden in life. Kate O'Reilly, just 17, has the pedigree of an Irish peasant and the confidence of a Celtic Warrior Queen. Out of a sense of duty, Kate follows her parents to America and leaves behind a dream for her own future in Ireland, the county she loves. Accompany Kate from the rugged Irish shoreline, through Chicago and on to the verdant mountain valley of Santa Ynez, California where she finds love, happiness and meaning for her life.

Professional Book Review

"Blanton's writing is refreshingly self-assured and graceful, her sentiment is clear and unapologetic, and she knows how to portray the human condition."

William D. Bushnell, writer for PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

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Reader Reviews

A wonderfully written book that makes you laugh and cry and feel like you are with the main character Kate , wherever she goes. The beautifully written descriptions of Ireland, Chicago and California make you yearn to travel there. The love story with its ups and downs for Kate and Liam make you wish you were young and newly in love. This book is a truly great read and one I could not put down.

Rosemary, Missouri

Bridget Blanton's new book 'Whispers on the Wind' is an amazingly beautiful love story. Her ability to capture the Irish countryside is remarkably accurate and alluring. After reading her description of the countryside, the scent of the lavender and the taste of the food, one wants to visit Ireland immediately and experience it's mysterious beauty and charm. Bridget's characters jump off the page with realism and energy. They are people you love to love, love to hate and always want to know more about, which keeps the reader engrossed in their development. Bridget orchestrates a variety of lives and the paths they follow in the backdrop of her main characters, yet connects them fluidly like a river with many tributaries. The book 'Whispers on the Wind' is a story both young and old will enjoy because it engrosses you like a soft, comfortable chair, and keeps your attention, like a blazing fire.

Kelly, California

Hi, Bridget! Just a quick note to tell you that I finished your delightful book very early this morning! Normally it takes me quite a while to finish a book because of my lack of time. But, 'Whispers on the Wind' was so enthralling I couldn't put it down! Now, my question is this: What ever happened to Kate and Liam? This is a not-so-veiled question about whether there will be a continuation of their story. (smile)

Sandie, Southern California

'Whispers on the Wind' is a page turner. My first read was through page 163. You are captivated from the start by the language, which is shaped, by longing and landscape. Blanton weaves her easy language style through her story rooted in both romance and estrangement. Becoming American is about language, and in this search for America, you will read a genre bending contemporary immigrant novel.

What does Bridget Blanton's literary form say about life in America? What are the similarities and differences in how ethnic groups and men and women understand their experiences? Explore a young girl's coming of age as she travels from Ireland to Chicago.

Keep pace with her migrant travels from Chicago to California. Witness poverty and uncertainty through the gritty characters. Socio-political climates and the challenges of searching for ­and attaining ­ an American identity helps us all understand what it means to be an American immigrant and how the definition of American² continues to evolve.

Boulder, Colorado

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I received your book on Tuesday and finished it on Thursday. I LOVED IT! Within the first couple of chapters you had me smiling, laughing and crying. It was absolutely amazing, the kind of book you can't put down. You know, I'm not much of a love story reader, and I promise you that this was not only the best love story I've read, but it was also one of the best books I've read. When a book has you not only emotionally involved, but you actually laugh or cry out loud the writer has done something truly amazing. That's how your book reads. I was so deeply moved by the words and the story you created. You describe in such great detail where the characters are, that I could actually envision myself seeing the scene that you were describing. It was truly amazing. I knew the book would be good, well great, but it was even more than that. I can't describe how much I enjoyed reading your wonderful book.

Shelley, Arizona

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Bridget Geegan Blanton

BRIDGET GEEGAN BLANTON is a native of Chicago and earned a B.A. at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Bridget’s writing career as a newspaper columnist, a web-site contributor, content writer and French language translator has found new expression as a novelist. ‘Whispers on the Wind’ is Bridget’s debut novel and is the first installment in the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction series; that continues with 'A Woman's Equal Share'. The author and her husband Chris, have three grown children and reside in Southern California. Pilates, hiking and creating collage-style art are among Bridget's hobbies. Learn more about Bridget by checking out the desert rose blog.

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