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Delicate seeds are gently sown in the tilled loam of spring with trust in the summer sun. In the long days of warmth and light, a blossom is encouraged to break forth.  The season of growth leads to the labor of harvest; for it is only through effort that we reap abundance.  This seasonal ebb and flow was a poignant component of the agrarian lifestyle, yet for most of us, it’s simply a bit of history we may read about or experience in a limited way, through a backyard garden. 

Strolling through the local farmer’s market, we are moved to photograph the gorgeous produce painstakingly grown on small farms by people who love this way of life.  Eventually, we are pulled like a magnet towards the bounty displayed.  Our eye is caught by the astonishing beauty of an heirloom tomato.  It is a throwback to the last century when immigrants carried seeds to the new world wrapped in a faded piece of cloth.  The variegated coloring and odd contours of a heirloom tomato promise superior taste.  We hold it in our hand, inhale the earthy scent and contemplate the miraculous combination of elements that fueled its growth.  

While abundance may manifest differently for each of us, the common cause of its eventual appearance is good, old fashioned, hard work.  You need to log in the hours, there’s just no way around it.  Applying ourselves to a specific task requires attentive action.  All too often, we are in the grip of scattered energy and unable to focus on crafting a solid start to a worthwhile project.  To counter this chaos, we begin by retreating to a place of rest within ourselves, far from the cacophony of modern noise. 

We go there without the adornments of our worldly self.  It is a place of truth.  One cannot present a false front in the presence of Divine Wisdom.  It is where we meet our authentic self.  We go there for answers.  Can we quiet our mind long enough to listen?  If so, actual words aren’t heard, instead we feel impressions upon our soul.

It can be uncomfortable in the canyon of our own silence and so, we leave prematurely and hurry back to the surface of worldly distractions.  This is precisely the reason why interior reflection is referred to as the practice of meditation or mindfulness.  We must practice and learn to restrain our thoughts and our impulses.  Contemplation, silence and solitude were natural states of being when one was engaged with the work of bringing in the harvest.  There is a humble dignity in such work that enables us to quiet the mind noise and tap into a vast, interior world.

The inherent challenge is to find the courage to bring this authentic self back into the world. Courage resides within the silence.  We touch our love for God, love for humanity and love for self here.  We can intersect with truth and with what is real, when we put aside fear and self loathing and open up our interior to God.  We ask Him to fill out our empty places and our heavy silences.  

The surging popularity of heirloom vegetables is a direct response to our desire for increased authenticity in our lives.  Just as we feel a connection to all the beautiful produce that fills the farmer’s markets, we are also aware of an affinity with the labor behind it.  This is an ancient connection that is imprinted on our DNA from generations past.  The harvest represents an authentic truth, it is the visual proof that you reap what you sow.  

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