Bridget Geegan Blanton

Background and Experience

I hold a B.A. Degree in French from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana

After 10 years of working as a freelance French translator, I left the translation business and focused my energy full-time as a writer. Although, I occasionally provide translation services, I write daily providing clients with high quality written content. My writing is versatile and professional. Give me a word count, a topic and I deliver on time and at a competitive rate.

I write a regular column for a local newspaper and can create content that is focused and informative. I know how to present a topic, discuss the merits and finish off the discussion within a restrictive word count. I don't charge clients for time spent researching a topic. I apply the same high standards to services provided to clients that I apply to personal writing projects.

I have recently self-published my debut historical fiction novel, 'Whispers on the Wind'.

The versatility of my writing is extensive. The nature of the projects I have worked on include: medical, legal, business, marketing, creative, artistic, and technical. I have also worked with individuals on various personal communication matters.

Let me assist you in upgrading your new or existing web-site. Influence visitors to click through to the rest of your site with targeted content that provides the information that they seek.

Another example of my original content:

Custom Service Options

I have recently created a series of written contractual discussions on the topic of donor corneas used in Keratoplasty surgery. This series included additional discussions on medicare reimbursements and the topic of tissue donation.

I also create content for web-sites, on-line newsletters, blog sites and e-zines.

Articles can be written according to client's specifications, topics and target audience.

I offer a comprehensive Professional Editing Service that caters to a client’s specific editing needs. I offer the highest quality editing service where every project, regardless of size, receives outstanding treatment. I am focused on providing you with the best assistance possible, which is why I offer a wide range of professional proofreading and copy editing services. At the core of my mission is a dedication to customer service that will exceed your expectations.

Choose from a list of Professional Proofreading and Editing Services to custom-fit your needs

Manuscript and Proofreading and Editing - Experienced editing necessary to the success of your project. I can also provide analysis on your writing in regards to overall quality.

Technical, Medical, Business and Journalism Proofreading and Editing - English language text editing with an emphasis on grammar and proper usage.

General Document Proofreading, Comment and Editing - Skilled English language editing will provide the necessary editorial revisions to your document and will give it a flawless finish. My service covers all styles of writing including web-site content, marketing and advertising copy and general proofreading and editing needs.

The Competitive Edge

My goal is to provide my clients with a competitive edge.

The quality of a written document is comparable to a first impression and a flawless, concise piece of writing can have a substantial impact upon your level of success. My professional editing services will ensure that your document is error free, fine-tuned and ready for submission.

Choose from a wide range of services to custom-fit your editing needs.

Your document might simply require a final proofreading for spelling errors that can’t be caught with the limitation of the spell check option. I also offer a comprehensive grammar and sentence structure analysis of your document. A more extensive content check includes a complete revision of your document’s format by improving the actual text while preserving the tone and integrity of your writing ‘voice’. Whether you’re in midst of trying to perfect a technical report or simply need a final check on your resumè, I can and will transform your original document into a powerful and concise piece of writing.

Is English a new language for you?

It is difficult for native English speakers to objectively proofread and edit their own writing, and even harder for students new to the English language. Improve your grades with the insight provided by my English language editing service. Copy editing is instrumental in catching small oversights in grammar, punctuation or spelling errors in your writing project. An overall evaluation of the content of your document will provide you with pointers on style and suggestions for improved phrasing.

Improve the chances of having your manuscript read in a competitive writing marketplace.

Before a gatekeeper at a publishing house or a literary agent chooses to read a manuscript, they want to know at the outset that it has undergone a professional edit. They won’t waste their time without this all-important guarantee. Gone are the days when an unpolished manuscript would find its way into the hands of an agent. The market is too competitive and there is no longer any margin for error. Give your fiction or non-fiction manuscript the competitive edge by allowing the trained eye of a professional manuscript editor to fine tune your potential best seller.

Outsourcing your Business proofreading or editing needs?

Save your valuable time for more important projects and outsource your proofreading and editing needs to us. No job is too large or too small – I cover it all; from memos, resumès and press releases to legal and technical documents. Need a professional proofreader for your company’s new web-site? Let me take care of the small editing details of your business while you save your time and energy for more important tasks.

I understand that your success is my success.

You can gauge the success of a business by the number of referrals and repeat customers. My mission is to exceed your expectations. Due to my competitive pricing and the high quality of my work, my clients return time and time again with all of their proofreading and editing needs. My service is fast, my rates are affordable and I guarantee your satisfaction.

Creating content for your company or web-site is but one of the services I offer. In response to the demand for e-zine content, I have several articles currently available. To get a feel for my creative style, please browse the articles available at this site. Please contact me via the form below, to discuss this opportunity.

Aspiring Authors please click here

Click here to view a recent project that focused on Disabled Americans and National Policy Reform


Editing and improving existing content for web-sites or various written projects:

.06 per word / $60.00 per 1000 words

For long term projects or for projects of 3000 words or more:

.04 per word / $40.00 per 1000 words

Creating original content for web-sites or various written projects:

.10 per word / $100 per 1000 words

For long term original projects or for original projects of 3000 words or more:

.08 per word / $80 per 1000 words

Creating original articles for provided topic and word count:

articles with word count up to 300: $15.00 each

For three or more articles with a word count up to 300 requested at beginning of project: $10.00 each

articles with word count up to 600 - $25.00

For three or more articles with a word count up to 600 requested at beginning of project: $20.00 each

articles with word count up to 1000 - $40.00

For three or more articles with a word count up to 1000 requested at beginning of project: $35.00 each

Manuscript Editing

As a writing coach, I will discuss with you by phone and by e-mail the merits of your idea, your outline, your plot and your characters. I will take a look at your work throughout the process and will provide you with an honest perspective on your book. We'll take a close look at every aspect of your work. I'll advise you on whether or not your language is tight enough and if your characters are believable. My consultant services will provide you with an honest perspective on your book. If every bit of action isn't moving the plot forward, you'll hear it from me. Included in the coaching package is a professional edit of your finished manuscript and support in creating query letters for contacting Literary Agents and Publishing Houses.

Total cost: $1000.00

Payment Information

Clients will be invoiced by Pay Pal.

Hard copy invoices and billing via USPS is available upon request.

Rush jobs are defined as services rendered and final revision delivered in 48 hours or less on original projects with a word count of at least 1000 words. A 15% rush fee of total cost is applied to final invoice.

Kill Fee: A 25% kill fee of total cost is due writer if an original project of at least 1000 words is terminated 72 hours after project agreement has been reached.

A few final details...

All topics covered are thoroughly researched. A specific style of writing will be utilized to properly address your target audience.

A specific mission statement of a group or individual will inspire the content delivered.

All forms of files can be sent to a designated e-mail address provided by the client; including hard copies via USPS.

Your satisfaction is my goal!

Resume and References are available upon request.

Please contact Bridget via the contact form below with questions or project opportunities.

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