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The realization of a dream is actually the experience of one more victory in a line of a thousand victories.   Each small success creates a foundation for the next step forward.  The simple fact of your presence at the very start and throughout the journey, is the one essential component in this undertaking.  As you complete each task and move the project ahead, it is endurance not speed that characterizes the substance of your engagement.   

You’re serious this time.  You’re going to pursue your dream.  If that is true, then why is it that you can’t catch that wave of inspiration?  What’s happening?  Is it fear of the unknown that is clouding your vision?  Where are you?  Back in the past combing through the files of your past failures or way off in the future sending messages back to your present self; warning that the path looks impossible?   You might be comparing yourself to others instead of focusing on the gifts that you’ve been given.  Finally, there’s this issue of time.  Is it too late to bother?  Let me answer that ... it’s never too late.  We must exert ourselves and conquer this spiritual malaise if we ever hope to persevere.  We do this by developing and maintaining a focus on the present moment.  

Everyday, before you begin, spend a few minutes with your favorite, motivational author.  Pump yourself up.  Get reacquainted with your soul.  Your soul knows you are capable.  Your soul can attest to your abilities.  Your soul isn’t afraid of a little hard work.  Your soul understands that ...THIS IS YOUR DESTINY!

Be loyal to your commitment.  Maintain a singular focus on the day’s labor that is essential to your dream.  Be simple yet direct in your approach by completing small, short periods of work.  Continue to build on each little victory.  Create and follow a personalized Dream Fulfillment Plan.

Deny the pull from any distractions; these time thieves steal your focus.  The habit of distraction away from the discomfort of growth, does not serve your purpose.  Silencing the cacophony of our thoughts and ending the impulse to escape begins with an invitation to God.  Invite Him into the very center of it all.  Open the door to His light and allow His guidance to flow.

Learn a new skill.  Grow interiorly.  Be courageous. Walk directly towards whatever scares you.  Each hurdle cleared will strengthen you and will provide you with a growing confidence in your own abilities.  Day by day, this project you’ve started will begin to take on a life of its own.  Rejoice in your productivity!  Engage fully as you navigate the challenges along the way.  Destiny requires your presence during the construction phase of your dream.  

Celebrate!  You’re living the life you deserve.  Mediocre is over.  You’re done with that.  It is noble and daring to step into the ring, master our minds, conquer our fears and go after our dreams.  It is then that we can believe with our whole heart that life in every  moment is truly phenomenal and that we are capable of making it great.

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