Daily Meditation

"There will always be dreams

grander or humbler

than your own,

but there will never be

a dream exactly like your own...

for you are unique

and more wondrous than you know!"

~ Linda Staten

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Treat yourself to a Five Minute Vacation in the form of a meditation at the bottom of this page


What would it be like if you lived each day, each breath,

as a work of art in progress?

Imagine that you are a masterpiece unfolding,

every second of every day,

a work of art taking form with every breath. -- Thomas Crum


So many of us avoid living in the present moment.

We worry about the past or future.

Daydreaming and pondering are necessary in moderation,

but we try to stay in the present moment for most of the day.

To do this, we return to the most basic element - our breath.

We concentrate on taking deep breaths.

Breathing is simple.

When we return to the simplicity of breathing,

we automatically simplify our life by focusing only on

what's happening to one part of our body in one moment in time.

Today, when I have trouble living in the present, I will concentrate on my breathing.


A consciousness of God's presence, as One who loves you

makes all life different.

The consciousness of God's love promotes the opening of your whole being to God.

It brings wonderful relief from the cares and worries of our daily lives.

Relief brings peace and peace brings contentment.

Try to walk in God's love.

You will have that peace which passes all understanding

and a contentment that no one can take from you.

Feel sure of God's unfailing love and care for you and for all His children.

There is freedom and serenity in those who walk in God's love,

held safe in His loving care.


I pray that I may walk in God's love,

I pray that, as I go,

I may feel the caring of God's power

in my steps

and the joy of His love in my heart.

St. Therèse de Lisieux

JUST AS THE sun shines simultaneously on the tall cedars

and on each little flower

as though it were alone on the earth,

so Our Lord is occupied particularly with each soul

as though there were no others like it.

And just as in nature

all the seasons are arranged in such a way

as to make the humblest daisy bloom on a set day,

in the same way,

everything works out for the good of each soul.

- an excerpt from 'Story of a Soul'

- the autobiography of St. Therèse de Lisieux

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Five Minute Meditation

For the next 5 minutes, sit comfortably in your chair.

Close your eyes and breathe.

Inhale deeply and slowly exhale.

As you inhale, say the word -- JUST --quietly within your mind.

As exhale, say the word -- THIS -- quietly within your mind.

Slowly and thoughtfully, breathe in and out to this mantra:


Be in the moment. Be aware of your breathing. Feel yourself begin to relax.

If you want, release the need to repeat the mantra and simply be in the moment.

Focus on your breath and release any thoughts that interrupt and distract you.

Just let them go.

Remain still and tranquil even as you become aware that these five beautiful minutes are drawing to a close.

Within the peace still present in your mind, ask yourself ..........

What do I really want?

Don't answer the question, release it; let it have the space within you.

Continue to breathe. Stay tranquil and peaceful and breathe.

Bring your meditation to an end by slowly opening your eyes.

Enjoy how relaxed you feel.

Allow the Divine to surprise you with an answer to your question at some moment in your day.