Conquering Kale

How to prepare

fresh Kale for salads

Full credit for this preparation technique goes to my sister Erin; an amazing cook!

Kale is available in different sizes. I've used regular, large-size leaf Kale, as well as a small, fringy-leafed 'Russian' Kale.

The technique described here is suitable for any type of fresh Kale you bring home.

Whatever size you're working with ... the first step is to separate the the leafy portion from the tough center vein of the leaf.

In the photo below, I've used large leaf Kale. After cutting away the center vein, I chopped the leafy portion into smaller pieces - suitable for mixing into salads.

I discard the center portion - or - you can toss it into the compost bin.

I wash the Kale after I've got the leaves sliced.

Pictured below is a bunch of Kale that has been completed sliced and is ready for a ride in the salad spinner

What's this? Coconut oil and Brewer's yeast?

You've got that right.

You'll need these two items to finish prepping the Kale, so have them on hand.

These just happen to be the brands that I use...

Why? Well, Kale is one tough little leaf. The Coconut oil softens the leaf and the Brewer's yeast not only adds nutritional value, but also imparts a subtle nutty flavor.

Pictured below is a shot of the inside of my Coconut Oil container.

I keep it refrigerated and so, it's hardened.

I use a steak knife ( I know ... not exactly a professional technique ) and

dig out a few small chunks; add them to a small pyrex dish and Microwave

until melted.

Remove Kale from salad spinner and place all of it in a large salad bowl.

I pick up the melted Coconut oil with my fingertips and proceed to toss and massage the Kale leaves.

Don't be afraid of a little Coconut oil - it's good for you. I usually end up picking up more oil 2 or 3 times and continue to work the leaves.

All of the leaves have a little sheen to them and actually feel a bit softened after I've worked them over.

Following the coconut oil treatment I lay on a healthy amount of Brewer's yeast and using the same technique, I work it into the leaves.

Don't be alarmed by the obvious presence of Brewer's Yeast on the surface of the Kale after you've worked it in.

Finally, toss in a little sea salt if you are so inclined ...

By the time you toss it in a salad with dressing, it dissolves. It does not yield a strong taste either - it's a very subtle nutty taste and the nutritional value is through the roof.

Pictured below is the way I store leftover Kale.

You can see the presence of Brewer's yeast on the surface of the Kale.

Although you've softened the texture of the fresh Kale via the coconut oil massage - it won't be the primary lettuce in your salad - it's a 'mix-in'.

I prepared a salad using Romaine and Kale.

You will begin to appreciate the addition of Kale in your salads. It's so good for you and this technique makes it completely palatable in the form of a fresh leaf.


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