with Self
or Others
is a Detour
from Destiny

A sense of inner calm is a state of being that comes about as a direct result of our choices.  It is a consequence of thoughts, emotions and actions, chosen precisely for the overall beneficial effect on a life path that is focused upon peacefulness. 

When meaningful peace remains elusive, it is because we are in conflict.  We are resisting the very place in which we find ourselves. If we continue refusing to accept the present moment, we detour away from destiny, and risk losing our way.  Daily living is marred by discomfort when we allow negative self-talk to run amok or we buy into the coarse energy of the outer world.  Try seeing it for what it is, a collective delusion. 

It’s tough to walk away unscathed on the inside when we shut our minds off from light and love.  Look beneath the surface of the conflict. What’s really happening here?  In what ways are we controlled by the mainstream culture or the loud, social memes that the world bombards us with?  Will we allow this noise to intimidate us into silencing our own voice, and denying our own truth?

Conflict is both confusing and exhausting.  It often brings anger to the surface.  Darker emotions can be justified as a moment of release, as long as you don’t stay there.  It’s critical to keep moving forward.

The truth of the matter is that we own this conflict, we’ve chosen to live it, to fully identify with it and we defend it against any outside opinion.  This is an injurious form of self-righteousness, because it hurts us, it derails us and it leads us away from our appointed path.  Only when we choose to release all conflict with ourselves and with others, and embrace what we know to be be true, can we ever hope to achieve that sense of inner calm.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘conflicting emotions’, in fact, we’ve all lived it.  It’s the classic good vs evil storyline.  Then, there’s that batch of emotions that hitchhike around together, such as control and anger.  When we are all wrapped up in this toxic brew, we close off the connection to our intuition, our inner knowing.  Close-mindedness is a form of resistance.  We’d rather be miserable than be at peace.  Is it worth the interior chaos and the outer confusion?

After a while, it gets tiring, doesn’t it?  An honest analysis of the situation is not about us psychoanalyzing anyone, instead it’s about clearing away negative thought patterns that we hold about ourselves and project onto others. It’s about preventing the meaningless chatter of the world to get a foothold on our thoughts.  As usual, this entire enlightenment gig ends up at the usual crossroads, because it’s always about an inner rejuvenation.  

Too often, we take in other’s opinions about ourselves, our lives, our faults, our successes to such an extent that we begin to identify with these labels.  You’re this or you’re that, when actually, you’re none of those things, you are something much more magnificent.  An initial foray towards freedom from conflict with self or others, is to realize that there are thoughts cycling through your mind that reinforce a conflict stance. Resume control over the content of your thoughts and evict the negative patterns because they lead nowhere. 

Nobody knows you, like you know yourself.  Your truth is as individual as your fingerprint, so too is your path through this life.  Decide what matters to you and let the unconditional pursuit of this truth carve out the path forward.  It’s about taking back your personal power.  You achieve this when you choose peace first.  Let the entire world think what they want about you as loudly and as wrongly as they want, because it simply does not matter.  What matters is what you think about you.  As long as we play along in the conflict game, it will continue.  As long as we try to control what anyone believes about us, we engage in the struggle.  

Once we step forward in an empowered way, we don’t really care very much what so and so has to say about our choices.  It’s their problem.  Take back your power completely.  Release all need to fight back.  Release these people if you must.  If they can’t abide by you living your life as you see fit, wish them well and keep moving forward. We simply don’t need to be around people who think they know us, but actually, do not.  Respect yourself, use your voice in the way our Creator intended, and stand up for what you believe in a non-combative, non passive-agressive manner.  We must stop living according to the expectations of others.  This must end if we ever hope to be happy and free.  

Let the empowerment begin!  A limitless life is within our grasp when we choose to be unconditionally responsible for our own lives.  You can’t change anyone’s life for the better when your own life is in need of a new foundation.  Love yourself first.  Say yes to an unconditional commitment towards your dream and place yourself at the top of the priority list.  Embrace a way forward, free from the debris of negative thinking. By using your voice as an echo of your truth while believing in your spiritual light, you become a WayShower for others, because your life is a reflection of inner peace and vital freedom.

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