Chicken Italian Sausage with Peas, gluten-free Pasta
and Goat Cheese

A cleaned up comfort food meal that comes together easily and is perfect for busy evenings.  It tastes great too!  The sausage combined with gluten-free pasta and creamy goat cheese plus fresh peas. . . What’s not to love?  It microwaves well, so leftovers are a breeze to warm up and serve.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 pound of Chicken Italian Sausage.  I use Sicilian style from Trader Joe’s which has a little kick to it.

4.5 ounce container of creamy goat cheese

1 package of fresh peas if available.  If not, use a bag of frozen organic peas.

10 ounces of gluten-free pasta -  either elbow macaroni or shells.


Place the entire container of goat cheese into a large mixing bowl.

Brown the chicken sausage, breaking it up as it cooks.  Spoon onto paper towels to pick up any excess grease.

cook pasta according to directions and drain

cook peas according to directions on package.

As the separate ingredients finish cooking, layer each over the goat cheese; covering the bowl with foil until all the ingredients are cooked and added as a layer in the bowl.  Combine everything by folding the ingredients until cheese is melted.  

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