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All aspiring authors have an idea for a book, but aren't sure exactly how to get started. Let's start here today with a little free advice. Go to the bookstore and buy no more than 2 books on writing. Be sure that one of the books covers your genre; be it fiction or non-fiction. There are many books to choose from, take your time and look them over. You should be able to find a book that specializes in your genre such as 'how to' or 'mystery' or 'romance'. I advise buying only two books because if not, you'll be wasting precious time reading book after book on writing. Educate yourself and then start writing!

Take to heart the tips you pick up from the book on writing that you have chosen. If the chapter is on character development and the author suggests that you write down 100 characteristics about the character you're it! These types of exercises for a new writer are helpful. You need to not only know your character, but you must believe in the character. Create characters that are believable to your readers. Brush up on your grammatical skills. Pick up a manual on style. Publishers are looking for a polished, professional manuscript with tight language. Before you ever approach a Literary Agent or a Publishing House, pay for a professional edit on your manuscript.

My best advice is to begin, simply begin. The discipline of a writer's life is learned by actually engaging in writing; not just reading about it. So, make a regular appointment to write and show up and start writing. My second bit of advice is to invest in a lap top. It makes the writing process so much easier. My third bit of advice is save early and save often. Designate a CD for the manuscript you're working on and save at the end of every work period.

Create your outline. This is imperative whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction. By organizing your material into chapters you create an outline for your writing. Don't be overwhelmed; books are written one word at a time.

If you need more help, advice or coaching read on.

Writing Coach

As a writing coach, I will discuss with you by phone and by e-mail the merits of your idea, your outline, your plot and your characters. I will take a look at your work throughout the process and will provide you with an honest perspective on your book. We'll take a close look at every aspect of your work. I'll advise you on whether or not your language is tight enough and if your characters are believable. My consultant services will provide you with an honest perspective on your book. If every bit of action isn't moving the plot forward, you'll hear it from me. Included in the coaching package is a professional edit of your finished manuscript and support in creating query letters for contacting Literary Agents and Publishing Houses.

Total cost: $1,000.00


As a ghostwriter, I will develop your idea into a polished, professional manuscript for you to sell to Literary Agents or Publishing Houses.

Total cost: $3,000.00

Please contact me with any questions you might have regarding the services offered here for aspiring authors.

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