Apron Flower Tutorial

Step One

Create a template from cardboard

Trace 10 petals on fabric [double thickness]

Step Two

You will end up with 10 pairs of petals

Step Three

Begin stitching petals together leaving the bottoms open

Step Four

Five stitched petals are ready to form into a fabric flower

Step Five

Set the stitch selector on 'Baste' and stitch all five petals together along the bottom.

Step Six

Here's the finished line of basted petals ready to be gathered.

Step Seven

Pulling on thread from both sides, gather petals together to form a flower and tie it off.

Step Eight

Repeat steps 1 - 7 with second set of petals and you will end up with layer one and layer two of your fabric flower.

Step Nine

Work with the two layers of the flower to maximize the show of petals and stitch to apron.

Trace the bottom of a thread spool onto wool felt and cut out a circle using pinking shears in order to cover up stitching.

Step Ten

Stitch wool felt circle into place and sew a rhinestone button into place by hand to finish the fabric flower

Here's the finished fabric flower!