The Secret to Inner Peace

As March draws to a close and its winds begin to die down, let us leave this month having learned the lessons that life brought forth.  Throughout March, I found myself thinking about my thinking.  As I observed the daily flow of fleeting thoughts passing through my mind, I was provided with proof, that indeed, we are what we think.

A thought can drift by barely acknowledged or we can ruminate on it for an entire day. In order for a single thought to possess any power, we must provide the necessary focus and energy. Once we mentally grasp a concept, be it positive or negative, it begins to build out and extend the nature of its message directly into our life experience; thereby affecting our perspective. Whether or not this particular thought is actually based in reality is inconsequential, we’ve just made it real, simply by giving it our attention.

As each moment issues forth a new thought, it also provides the power of choice. We can choose to let any thought, be it inspirational or fearful, flow by, or we can empower it, through our belief in it.  All thoughts are temporary, as they come into our minds, one after another, they only become real for us when we decide to make them real. If we tend towards worry and regularly focus on worrisome thoughts when they enter our consciousness, we are building a habit of worrisome thinking. Wouldn’t life be far more free and joyful if instead, we allowed thoughts of an uplifting nature to dominate our mindset?

What about those unwanted thoughts, the type that can develop into depression, and perhaps lead to escapist-type behavior like shopping, eating or wasting time online?  When dealing with thoughts such as these, there are a couple of truths we should always ‘keep in mind’, primarily it’s important to know that you are in control, and not some random thought. It’s also helpful to remind yourself that all thoughts are temporary and only become real for us when we focus on them.  We always have the power of choice, every moment of our lives, when we can decide to release a thought or give it our energy.  

End a stress-producing thought loop, by focusing entirely on your inhale and your exhale. Breathe deeply, slowly, and empty your mind. After your fifth breath, add an affirmation.  I love this saying: I AM Happy, Joyous and Free! Even if you find yourself lost on a path of negative thinking, you can always choose to find your way back to peace, by remembering who and what you truly are.

We are spiritual beings, eternally united to our Creator and thereby limitless in both peace and power. A temporary, powerless thought is no match for the magnificence of our true self.  These personalities which we manifest here in the world are not who we are, in truth. Having been created by the most powerful energy that exists, which is Love, we are so much more than whatever happens to be floating by in our head.  Remember this truth about yourself, the next time you’re buying into some worst case scenario thought series, or believe you have no choice because of what you’re thinking.  Don’t bother fighting it, just dismiss it and transfer your focus elsewhere.  Soon it will be replaced by another thought.  

In the field of addiction, addicts often say that they feel “hijacked” by their addictive thinking. They state that their urge to use a drug of choice is so uncomfortable that they have no choice, but to submit. The truth of the matter is that recovery is possible, once an addict understands that only when they latch onto an ‘urge thought’, do they give it power.  Of course, it is usually at a point down the road in the recovery process, when addicts begin to understand how to manage urge-based thinking, but still, anyone interested in sustained inner peace, can benefit from this knowledge. These types of thoughts originate from our ‘reptilian brain’, home of our survival-based thinking. Just as the person who has created a habit of worrisome thinking through repeatedly giving power and attention to worry-based thoughts, the addict has strengthened urge-based thinking by continually responding to them with action.  Thoughts only possess the amount of power we choose to provide. Never forget that you are in control, not the thought.

It has been said that enlightenment will occur once we master our thoughts.  It begins with the realization that thoughts have less power than a wisp of smoke, along with an extremely, short shelf life of less than a second.  When we withdraw our attention from meaningless thoughts, we restrict their entry into our inner experience. Instead, we can focus on our limitless, albeit untapped potential.  We can use our awakened mind to think about the good in life, we can start laughing at ourselves and work on forgiving everyone for everything, all the time.  We can be masters of our own minds and uplift our lives on every level by taking control of which thoughts we will empower.  Peace is an inside job and it begins with a single thought. Stop being buffeted about by winds of thought through your beautiful mind and take back control.

Bridget Geegan Blanton’s writing career as a newspaper columnist, a web-site contributor, content writer and French language translator has found new expression as a novelist.  ‘Whispers on the Wind’, Bridget’s debut novel was the first installment in the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series, that continues with ‘A Woman’s Equal Share’.  The soul-awakening tenets of celtic wisdom embody the spiritual ideal upon which this inspirational series has been crafted. Learn more about the novels and enrich your day spiritually by way of articles and motivational videos at Bridget’s web-site: Recently, Bridget became certified as an Angel Card Reader and brings this spiritual perspective to her life and work.

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