The Power
of a 
Personal Mantra

Well chosen words wield considerable power.  This is precisely the desired effect of a personal mantra, when voiced specifically to ameliorate or restore a spiritual condition.  The vocalized phrase has the ability to resonate deep within the heart and can produce feelings of peace, victory, conscious control or even love.  Technically, a mantra is defined as a sacred sound with spiritual power and yet, this definition also includes phrases, prayers and invocations.  The essential element to keep in mind when choosing or creating a personal mantra, is that we consider the words that we decree, to be meaningfully sacred, as well as spiritually powerful.

In this spiritual journey that I am on, I have come to know that there is a peaceful, inner reality that I can go to whenever the outer world is churning out more than its usual measure of chaos.  I have discovered that a few, well chosen words can bring me to a better place in a short amount of time.  I walked away long ago from the ‘white knuckle’ approach to life.  When I need peace or when I need to move away from an unsettling state of mind, a personal mantra is my ticket out of there.

Our minds can become like a river after a storm, swift moving and full of debris.  Our chances at peace and serenity are much better when we allow our thoughts to become completely still, like a placid lake.  The concentric circles moving on the surface of the lake from the center to the circumference are now calm, just as our minds become calm when we focus on the repetition of a mantra, such as “Om Tat Sat.”  This Hindu mantra essentially describes the omniscient power of God, the qualities of God and the truth of God.  We are also free to devise a mantra that may be more personally meaningful to a situation at hand such as; “Every path is open before me, there exist no obstructions to my success.”   Despite the intensity of our outer life circumstances or the level of distress we are experiencing, the repetition of a mantra can pull us out of a deep ravine and place us back on the road to an improved spiritual condition.

It requires discipline to choose the mantra route in place of our default behavior setting, which is to consult a drop down menu of possible distracting behaviors, such as shopping, smoking, sugar, carbs, etc., etc.  Regardless of why this complete lack of harmony is showing up in your life, there’s a way out and it’s called a mantra.  Just as we see an improvement physically, when we clean up our diet and stick to working out regularly, we also see an improvement spiritually when we choose to consciously master the content of our thoughts.

My first move in seeking peace, is to evaporate this illusion that I lack control.  I do this by focusing entirely on my breath.  Inhale and exhale.  Stay with your breath.  Begin to breathe more deeply and exhale more forcefully.  Always staying in the now.  At the moment when a litany of negative projections begin showcasing the worst case scenario ‘greatest hits’, remove your attention away from your thoughts and back to your breath.  Breathe in and out.  Focus on your breathing, not your thinking.  Once you are calmer and realize that in fact, you are in control, it’s time to go within by way of a chosen mantra.

Pairing mantras with meditation is very powerful.  When time is an issue, I follow a little program I call 3 x 3.  I recite a mantra three times and go into the silence, with no thoughts, for 3 minutes. It’s a mini, spiritual re-boot that never fails me.  When time is not an issue, add visualization to the experience.  See yourself in a peaceful landscape as you vocalize your mantra and move into a more meditative state.

Slogans, catchphrases, affirmations or prayers, … we’ve all come across some really valuable jewels, in the course of our spiritual reading over the years.  This is perfect time to consider starting a journal to record these gems, once we find them.  In the interim, let me share with you a few more of my favorites:

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life.”  

St. Germaine instructed us to repeat these beloved words of our Lord Jesus Christ 3 x and believe me, you will feel incredible peace.

“I walk the Earth in alignment with a divine will that prospers me in all ways.”

( from the Book, ‘The Sophia Code’ by Kaia Ra )

“Today, as I bathe in the pure waters of the spirit, I am purified from all uncertainty in the present.”

( from the book, ‘365 Days of Richer Living’ by Ernest Holmes )

Here’s are a few that I’ve created …

I AM a powerful, magnificent, spiritual being and I possess unlimited potential.

The eternal flame that is God is within me and it is my source of all that is beautiful, powerful and unlimited.

I AM unstoppable.  I AM invincible. I AM confident.

Instead of worrying about someone, offer up this intention:

I send energy, power and love into the Universe for _________.

Today is a new day, brimming with infinite possibility.

I seize this moment, in its entirety, despite the illusion of discomfort because I know something truly amazing is on its way to me.

It is noble and daring to step into the ring, master my mind, conquer my fears and go after my dreams.

In closing, let me encourage you to take charge of your mind by dissolving the loop of negative thoughts and declaring to the whole Universe those mantras which personally resonate with you and your heart’s desires.

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