The Power
of a Daily
Spiritual Routine

When we come across a person whose innate peacefulness leaves a lasting impression on us, we tend to wonder … “what’s their secret?”  Quite often, we learn that this same individual starts off each day with prayer and meditation.  We then glance down at our own crazy, day planner and think to ourselves, “not happening this week.”  

Introducing a daily, spiritual routine into our already, busy lives is, without a doubt, the formal acceptance of a time commitment.  The promise lies in the pay-off, in the peacefulness we witness in those who have taken up the practice.  A substantial increase in balance and harmony is attractive and like anything worthwhile, it’s something that we earn.

The difference between a daily spiritual practice and an occasional one, is measured by the presence of peace and harmony in your mind, your life and your world view.  To get the results we’re after, it’s not something we simply dabble in when the mood strikes us.  The occasional approach might be better than nothing, but in order to receive the Grace and the Light that accompanies a deep, steadfast practice, we must make time for it.  We can find the time, it’s there, hidden amongst all the TV watching and social media scrolling. It might necessitate setting an earlier, morning alarm, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

The positive gain from a regular, spiritual routine of prayer and meditation or whatever constitutes a spiritual practice for you, provides the encouragement necessary to carve out time in your schedule and follow through on it. Your personal, spiritual benefit also benefits the world.

The hallmarks of a growing spiritual practice are consistency and discipline. We move from simply making time for it, to securing this time with God as an integral, non-negotiable part of our lives.

A spiritual practice is much more than simply a lifestyle with the ‘Zen’ quotient turned up high, it’s a personal pursuit of God.

The content or specific, spiritual actions associated with your practice, tends to change and evolve over time. We stay with something until we've learned or gained what lessons or truths we need. Then and only then, do we feel a natural urge to enlarge or reinvigorate this time with God.

We are following an ever-ascending path. We know intrinsically when a certain component of our practice is now complete, and so we move on to a new experience of the Divine.

Again, there are rewards, as you will experience growth.  The spiritual, high notes from your good days will turn around and provide you with soothing, spiritual support during the darker moments of life. These benefits from a regular spiritual routine spillover in a positive way to ameliorate and inform all the other areas of our lives. We are lifted up.

If the introduction of a daily, spiritual practice is part of a lifestyle re-vamp, know this, it will assist you in accomplishing every other goal you have in mind.  It’s just that powerful.

Seeking God through daily, spiritual attunement is not a pursuit based in perfection, instead, it is the living out of a very human desire to unite with one's Creator. We grow towards a veritable and ever-expanding experience of God's Love by our steadfast presence in prayer and silent meditation. A spiritual practice provides a strong foundation in life, as long as we sustain it.

The path forward is to establish a pattern of spiritual attunement, tend to it's daily maintenance and, as you grow and evolve in a measured way towards new spiritual expression, continue to sustain your practice and it will continue to sustain you.

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