The Path to Wellness
Begins with a Commitment
to Self-Care

The New Year presents a demarcation in the space-time continuum, offering up a momentary pause from daily life, when we reflect on the year that was, while visualizing a kaleidoscope of possibility for the months ahead.

At this time, we ask ourselves, “where do I want to be, a year from now?”

The response to such a far-reaching question is multi-faceted.  A healthier you, cannot be  sequestered into the classic, weight loss/exercise program resolution; it goes beyond this singular commitment, and into the intangible areas of emotion, spirit and mastery of the mind.

Just as our thoughts determine the type of day we might have, our diets build the physical vessel through which we experience life. Mind, body and spirit…  Unless we realize growth in all of those aspects of life, we limit our ability to reach a new level of potential.

Upon arriving at a crossroads, the initial step forward is through education, in areas where we most want to see improvement.  For this reason, I will include a list of books you can consult on this beautiful journey of becoming a better version of yourself.  

Self-improvement is an inside job. All the upgrades and renovations we apply to ourselves, begin within.  As we welcome change into our lives, we might have to deal with a few slips back, into old behavior. Don’t despair, try something new … forgive yourself, be kind and re-group. Keep your eye on the overall goal, which is a healthier, happier, and more productive self.  Success requires support, knowledge and motivation. Keep yourself moving forward by adding to your store of information, inspiration and self-love.

Losing weight always seems to land at the top of most lists delineating what people hope to achieve in a new year. Weight loss done wrong, looks and feels like deprivation. This approach inevitably leads to failure.  Weight loss done right is a journey when enlightenment and action dovetail into a new way of living.  

Unless we are rooted in a decision to upgrade our overall health through better nutrition, we’ll fall back on the old method of restricting calories, and miss the crucial step of introducing real food into our diets. The heavy lifting part of this project includes a complete overhaul of what we define as a meal.  Fortunately, journeys take place one step at a time. We improve ourselves in the same manner; one step at a time. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed.  

As we start living these changes, we also nurture ourselves by supporting this choice with lifestyle expansions, such as starting the day with meditation, prayer or positive affirmation. Practicing gentleness and kindness towards ourselves, goes a long way in maintaining our focus.  We can find support through other people, maybe even in a small, fitness studio where like-minded people are also changing their lives for the better.  

It’s OK to give to yourself, take care of yourself and nurture yourself as you walk through the journey of self-improvement. In other words, we start living, thinking and eating, differently.  We do things we’ve never done before. We reinforce our commitment to self-care by becoming a student again, and delving deeper into the knowledge base of nutrition, fitness and spirituality.

There exists a holistic approach to weight loss that does not include starving ourselves. We benefit by looking at our eating style, as well as which foods we are actually consuming.  Understanding the science behind nutrition along with the emotional component of why and when we eat contributes to our getting a handle on things.  It’s time to deal with the reality of why we’re overeating. Is it a distraction from discomfort or a response to stress? Part of the mind, body, spirit approach to wellness, includes managing our emotional responses, which can be addressed through meditation and yoga.  Cultivating new practices happens while we continue to upgrade the quality of our meals. It’s a dance, a symphony of new ideas and new behaviors that culminate in a new, beautiful you.

Weight loss is achieved and maintained through a comprehensive mind, body and spirit approach. If you have time for netflix, you most definitely have time to educate yourself on nutrition and holistic stress management.  It’s time to get underneath and inside the issues that continue to sabotage your physical, spiritual and mental health.  This is the road to wholeness.

Deprivation diets don’t work because nobody can hold out long enough to see if they actually do work.  Instead, commit to walking through the initial discomfort of giving up sugar, for example; you’ll not only survive, in fact, you’ll thrive. Be prepared by setting up a support modality such as a creative outlet, physical activity or talking with a trusted friend. You will get through to the other side, you simply need to see it through.

Accept how it feels when something that does not fuel your growth, your dreams, your overall health and level of joy, begins to withdraw from your life.  Comparatively, it’s easy to commit to a devoted self-care regimen, whereas putting this new agenda into action may require some stamina. It’s not completely natural at first, but hang in there. Acknowledging the long term benefits will propel you past a wobbly start.

Understand that this new place you find yourself in, is brimming with empowering possibility.

Release any fears related to feelings of lack, or discomfort. Including real food in your diet, starting a exercise regimen, or experimenting with meditation, while learning to say ‘no’ to outside tugs at your precious time, doesn’t always come naturally.  Feelings will rise to the surface, count on it, and be prepared with a little tool box of remedies to keep you moving forward. Remind yourself that it’s part of the journey. Be aware of your emotions, but don’t identify with them. Let that shizz go!

Commit to venturing forth with the courage and the strength that flows from within. Tap into your personal power. Step up like never before, because more than anything, this is a gift you are giving yourself. Over time, you’ll notice how much stronger you’ve become both mentally and physically.  

Shift your perspective into a vibrational tone associated with the exhilaration of exploration.  Allow a childlike sense of adventure to fill your being, as you step into this new frontier.

Embrace the transformative energy, as you draw it towards yourself by remaining devoted to a self-care routine that treats all aspects your existence: your mind, your body and your spirit. Choose the conscious act of deciding to live in a completely new way. Not only does it get easier and become second nature, you start feeling better.

Here’s a perk, real food and actual exercise affect your skin, hair and nails. As the toxins are released, your true beauty is revealed.  You’re going to look fantastic, feel beautiful and full of energy to chase down your dreams.  You can do this. You’re so worth it. Believe in yourself, love yourself and unleash your potential!

Live the life of a trailblazer. Discover a new path that holds sacred your fondest dreams and highest hopes. Be an illuminating light in the world. Live a life that is bold, determined and fully expressed.

Become the person you are meant to be. The journey that awaits, will bring more joy than you can imagine. Do one thing today that puts you on the path towards wholeness.

Recommended reading:


‘The Book of Self-Care’ 

Remedies for Healing Mind, Body and Soul

by Mary beth Janssen

‘An Invitation to Self-Care’

Why learning to nurture yourself is

the key to the life you’ve always wanted.

by Tracey Cleantis, LMFT


Mindful practices to heal your relationship

with food, feed your whole self, 

and end overeating.

by Andrea Lieberstein, M.P.H., R.D.N.

‘Kintsugi Wellness’

The Japanese art of nourishing 

mind, body and spirit.

by Candace Kumai

‘Seven Cups of Consciousness’

Change your life by connecting to

the Higher Realms.

by Aleya Dao

Science of Nutrition:

‘Nourish & Glow’

Naturally Beautifying Foods & Elixirs.

by Jules Aron

‘Eating Pretty’

Nutrition for Beauty

Inside and out.

by Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP


‘Good Clean Food’

Super simple plant-based recipes for every day

by Lily Kunin

‘The Love & Lemons Cookbook’

An apple-to-zucchini celebration of impromptu cooking.

by Jeanine Donofrio

‘My French Family Table’

Recipes for a life filled with food, love & joie de vivre.

by Beatrice Peltre

‘Whole Bowls’

Complete Gluten-free and Vegetarian meals

to power your day.

by Allison Day

‘The Sprouted Kitchen’

A tastier take on whole foods.

by Sara Forte

‘The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon’

Simple and Inspired whole foods recipes 

to savor and share.

by Sara Forte

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