The Living Beauty
of a Summer Morning

Summer humidity brings gifts in the wake of its discomfort.  Step outside early in the morning and inhale deeply.  The earth is breathing.  It is releasing a treasure trove of scent.  This is the  essence of life.  It is a magnificent, and spiritually-enhanced freshness found only in those elusive moments early in the day. It is a perfume that escapes from a dew-kissed blossom, and is carried aloft on a soft, meandering breeze.  

Summer mornings are a loving gift to the soul from Mother Earth.  This is not man made, it is God Created.  Notes of jasmine, freshly turned soil, sun-ripened tomatoes and summer basil fill the senses.  Yes, step outside early in the morning with your cup of coffee and revel in the full beauty of summer while birds serenade you and the sky casts a living masterpiece before you of cloud, color and light.  Feel the breeze as it glides by, bringing with it a living scent of greenery in full bloom.  

We trust in the seasons as they come and go.  We worry not for we know that their arrival is certain.  This is the perfection of God.  Yet, our trust stops short when those concerns regard the circumstances of our own lives.  When we worry, we consciously choose not to trust God.  Have you ever noticed how the wind is different just before dawn?  We are aware of it perhaps because our minds are not crowded by the cares of the day.  We are open to it.  We feel it. We see power in it and we hear it.  This is the difference between awareness and numbness. 

In the raw beauty of a summer morning, our minds and our hearts are open to what is happening in the present moment.  We are not sleep walking through life lost in an addictive thought cycle, rehashing an event over and over or worrying about something again and again.  We are free. We are aware. We are open to possibility.  We are calm and centered before the heat of the day literally and figuratively, corrals our attention. We feel more alive in that moment than we might feel all day long because soon, we tend to close ourselves off to the power of nature and turn back to the limitations we have chosen. 

Experience once more the herbal perfume of a summer morning, as you walk through your day.  Recall the beauty of a sky at dawn. Call back the power of the wind at daybreak and allow it to bring your awareness back to the present moment.  Hear the birds, see the purity of morning dew and bask in the freshness of this gift at any point in your day.  Refresh yourself and your perception of life.  Cease worry and trust in God. Allow the power, and the living beauty of a summer morning to cast its gentle light upon your path.

Bring along a piece of morning, as you embark upon your day.  Snip a sprig of rosemary from the garden, and tuck it in your bag.  Herbal lore tells us that a rosemary plant is reflective of Christ’s mercy, by its fresh, sweet and purifying scent. Herbalists of long ago also claimed that rosemary preserves youth.  Re-capture the hope of morning, by inhaling the cleansing perfume of rosemary at any point in your day, whenever you need a reminder that life is full of miracles. We need only open our minds to the possibility of it all.

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