The Goddess Archetype -
A Makeover

The ideal feminine archetype is often described as a goddess. This classic image, an agreed upon model of appearance and behavior, thrives only because it’s been confirmed by the collective-consciousness. A stand-alone paradigm of exalted feminine energy doesn’t register with most of us in the reality of everyday life. The feisty, passionate, uniquely adorable women that I know, are total non-conformists in relation to this boxed-in version of goddess-hood.  It’s not something out of our reach. For this reason, I put forth a new definition, not because of my own inability to express the archetype, but because it does not exist. I won’t say it’s a lie or a myth, but a single, unshifting example of the nature of a goddess, goes against the natural order.   

It’s my belief that one of the reasons why we’re here, in this growth experience on earth, is to embrace not only our individuality within the whole, but also, to acknowledge that the place of true power is found in the present moment. The goddesses that I know, don’t minimize their light. Instead, they affirm it because they’re comfortable in it. Their light is bright and beautiful and shines before them as they bring their own unique expression into the world. They stand in their own power, confident in their ability to navigate past any obstacle that stands between them and their intended goal. Their ego helps them survive, it does not rule their perception. They don’t think one is more and another is less. They see the wisdom in a perfect balance between feminine and masculine energy, as they allow other people to be who they are, with compassion and without judgment. 

A goddess doesn’t waste time comparing herself to others, because goddesses are secure in their own luminescence. They encourage themselves with loving self-talk. If there’s something they need to adjust, they get about the business of change. A goddess marvels at the beauty of earth because she recognizes the healing power of nature, and gratefully reveres the magnificence of Nova Gaia. Vulnerability does not scare a goddess, for she approaches it with bravery, and with boundaries intact. A goddess is a strong woman who knows her mind, and is fearless when she needs to be. She’s earthy, a tad mystical, sometimes a little feisty, but always compassionate and open to life. They are empowered, these goddesses I know, they’ve honed their skills and are unafraid to reach for their potential. They walk with their head held high, are quick to laugh, possess an open heart, and can just as quickly, exhibit the courage of a lioness. They’ve taught me so much, these goddess friends of mine. They’ve shown me how to shine my light. 

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