The Freedom
of a
Fresh Perspective

Invite a fresh perspective into your life.  Embrace an outlook that is as invigorating as a March breeze.  Step outside of the viewpoint that constricts you.  Leave behind your fear and embrace your freedom.  We imprison ourselves, all by ourselves through the nature of our thoughts.  We paint ourselves into corners and build boxes around our potential; which are constructed from all the reasons ‘why’ we can’t become who we really are, and begin doing that which truly expresses our heart’s desire.  

If you understood who you really are, which is a powerful, light-filled, spiritual being and if you believed in this to a degree that you were able to let go of all the illusions of fear and control created by the ego and the culture and stepped into your truth, you would be too powerful to be stopped, in creating a life that you loved.  This is what empowerment looks like and feels like.

It begins with love; all good things begin here.  Start the day by looking at yourself through the eyes of a Creator who loves you unconditionally.  Liberate yourself from the thought structures that cause you to wrongly believe in your own limitation.  Literally rise above this lower form of energy and embrace your inherent goodness.  You are a spiritual being beloved of God and your presence in the world is beautiful and necessary to the rest of us.

Take a few steps forward in your empowerment.  Feels pretty damn good, doesn’t it?  You know why?  It’s because it’s genuine, it’s the truth about you.  The true spiritual path is not about wearing crystals and gauzy clothing, it’s about throwing off the limitations that the World uses to control you and define you.  Step powerfully into a higher existence.  You are free the moment you realize you are free.

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