'Taking Heaven Lightly'
by Róísín Fitzpatrick
~ A Book Review ~

Taking Heaven Lightly by Róísín Fitzpatrick, is the true story of her own life transformation following a Near Death Experience (NDE).  While the author was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage, she found herself drawn out of her body and into a brilliant and shimmering light.  It was during her immersion in this radiant light, that Ms. Fitzpatrick encountered the splendor of unconditional love.  

This beautifully written book not only captures the details of the NDE, but also moves well beyond the sublimity of the author’s dazzling experience.  Róísín Fitzpatrick guides us towards a spiritual path that is based on essential truth not religious denomination.  The author maps out a route empowered by love and directed from the heart.  

“When we decide to tap into the Universal Consciousness that is available to us all, we can literally shift our energy and become wiser, gaining greater insights and knowledge.”  - Róísín Fitzpatrick, Taking Heaven Lightly (page 166).

Who among us is not in search of inner peace?  Haven’t we all wondered what our purpose is for this lifetime?  Ms. Fitzpatrick takes us on a spiritual journey, imparting the insights she gained during her NDE, with the intention to assist each of us on our own walk through this life.  We are invited to embrace the possibilities available to us all, by taking charge of our lives, our thoughts and by tapping into the eternal light.  

“The realization of self-love is the key to creating our most inspired and joyous lives.”  (page 180).

Taking Heaven Lightly is a gift of hope to readers.  Within its poetic pages, spiritual truth is lovingly laid out in a way that can be applied by anyone to every day life, leading to harmony, peace, love and purpose.

These days, the Irish-born author creates contemporary art illuminated by the use of glass crystals as ‘Artist of the Light’.  Fitzpatrick’s work is an expression of the light she encountered during her NDE and has been exhibited throughout the globe.

Taking Heaven Lightly will be enjoyed and appreciated by NDE readers, as well as spiritual seekers.  My own reading of Taking Heaven Lightly has brought meaningful change into my life.  I came away with an awareness of the synchronicity that graces my day.  My own growing connection with the Universal Consciousness as a result of experiencing this book, has truly enriched my life. 

Finally, the focus placed on meditation and developing one’s own sense of intuition has opened up an entirely new perspective on life for me. This important book provides practical, spiritual guidance that will touch your heart and bring joy to the present moment.  You’ll be pleased to know that  Róísín Fitzpatrick is already at work on her next book, Eternal Light: Solas Síoraí.

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