Surrender the past
Embrace peace

The present moment is alive with possibility, opportunity and new experience.  If so, then why do we find ourselves back in the past ruminating over an event that took place ages ago?  We are not fully immersed in the ‘here and now’ when our thoughts are focused back in time.  By now, we’ve wrung whatever we can out of those past moments in our lives, because we’ve analyzed them from every angle.  At some point, this return to the past becomes more of a thought pattern, not unlike a behavioral pattern such as smoking, that doesn’t add to the overall quality of our lives.  We can exchange these worn-out patterns for a new, revitalized path.  

This mental retreat to ‘days gone by’ is similar to walking down a road with our eyes glued to our smart phone.  We’re mostly unaware of all the life that is happening around us.  We miss out completely on the present moment.  To release any negative pattern in our lives, we begin by removing its power source, which is our rapt attention.  We can dismiss thoughts from the forefront of our mind by refusing to give them air time.  Calmly, we deny access to those thoughts that do nothing to move the plot of our lives forward.

Take one last look at the event and all the persons involved and release the entire episode with deep love.  Love for yourself, love for the other persons, as broken as they might be, and love for the incident that has held you hostage all these years.  Release it, once and for all, and hold yourself responsible for making good on this life-changing decision.  Next, visualize yourself feeling completely peaceful now that you’ve taken charge of your mind and your thoughts and the resulting emotions.  This clarity of mind brings calm.  Letting go of the past brings freedom.  Enjoy this brand new moment in your life.  Feel the joy of being unburdened.

Thoughts that are part of an instilled pattern have a way of sneaking back into the limelight.  It will happen.  Reaffirm that you have surrendered all of thoughts around that situation, as well as the past event and immediately remove the power.  Deflate it and allow it all to disperse.  Of course, this requires a bit of self-discipline, but just as we exercise to build up our physical self, we must also exercise to strengthen our mind.

We begin this whole process with trust in the promise of peace and healing.  In fact, before we set out to bring meaningful change to our thought life, we believe, without doubt or uncertainty, that peace and healing will occur.  We believe in this so strongly that we can feel it within ourselves.  This is the power of God.  This is working with God to purify ourselves and remove all of the unnecessary mind noise so that He can work through us.  We can’t hear God or fulfill our purpose if we are stuck in the past.  We must learn to control our thoughts.  We’ve already had the experience of allowing thoughts to control us, and it leads to a dead end.  Taking that first step down the path of more mindful living is the beginning of happiness.  The past no longer has any power over us.

It is at God’s directive, His influence and encouragement that we start down this path towards enlightenment.  It was His hand that opened a window in our mind and beckoned forth the warm rays of healing light.  Until we reach the point where we want mental clarity more than the constant re-visioning of past, we remain unaware.  Now that we are aware and we are also empowered.


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