How to
Flip a Thought
and Create
Positive Affirmations

Thoughts have power.  As our thinking moves in a definite direction, we convince ourselves to choose certain paths in life.  Our thoughts can be uplifting and innovative, as well as unproductive and judgmental.  One of the secrets to daily happiness is through mastering the content and the quality of our thoughts.  Negative thoughts hinder our progress in life; despite attempts to rationalize or explain these thoughts.

Consider for example, those unproductive feelings of envy or jealousy.  Moving away from this state of mind is through the realization that we are actually looking at a reflection of our own sense of limitation.  This is a false belief, but it’s one that has hooked us.

Think of it as a mirror of sorts, we look at a person, their circumstances and we’re not feeling the love and then we decide that they may not deserve what they have or, worse, we allow ourselves to get swept up in self-pity.

None of which is actually real, because these are false beliefs based on a faulty perception of the world and our own attachment to the concepts of lack, limitation and unfairness.  

So, in seeing someone’s success, their job, their level of physical fitness, beauty or style; whatever the condition is, that has ignited envy and all its attendant negative thoughts, we are actually experiencing, as well as believing in, our own feelings of lack, failure, injustice and self-pity. 

We now understand that it’s not them, it’s not their success, it’s actually our own feelings of failure being masked as envy and then reflected negatively on another person.

We see that our feeling of failure brings forth a sense of our own wounded-ness.

Well, great, we’re in touch with raw feelings ... this is not helping, you might say.

Take this wounded, broken, raw feeling and bring it outside and into the fresh air.  Here, we surrender the whole mess of misconceptions and negative thinking to the all-knowing and all-loving embrace of God, in the presence of nature.

Realize the value of the present moment and the infinite possibilities that it offers, by releasing both the past and any speculation on the future.

Here is where we begin to live and think in a new way.  

We are spiritual in essence, meaning and being.  We can shift the caliber of our thoughts upwards and away from envy, for it is not real, and away from failure, which is a false belief.  

We begin quietly by acknowledging God as the source of All Good.  We see through our feelings and wrong thinking and we replace all of it with right thinking.

Old thoughts have no power and are not real; they’re like an empty gum wrapper.  It is void and without merit or value in our lives.  Instead, old repetitive thoughts that are negative in nature are simply a bad habit that we must endeavor to overturn.

We possess all that we need to be successful in the here and now.

We surrender our intellect and our will to a Divine Presence within that will guide us in right thinking and right action, if we will but listen.

Cleanse your mind of all that is not worthy of your true nature, the very fact that you are a spiritual being, eternal, immortal and forever calm.

Love yourself first.  Seek truth always.  Express good daily.  Keep your inner temple free from debris.   These behaviors are simple in concept, yet not always easy in application and so, stay the path, you will improve with persistence.

Gently pull yourself away from any thoughts that bring you down.  Think of them as empty gum wrappers and toss ‘em.  Notice any negative resonance that a thought may hold and completely redeem it with a positive affirmation.

Flip it to the positive side of the score sheet.

How do we do this?

Wherever you are, remind yourself that the infinite power and glory of God, creator of the Universe dwells within you.  Visualize your interior as filled with light.  Know, without a trace of doubt, that God is Love and this Love resides in every atom of your physical being.  God’s plan for you is to know peace, joy, perfect health, love and enthusiasm for your life experience.

Now that you are reminded of who you really are, which is a spiritual being who possesses power, as evidenced by the energy and vibration of thought, use your mind to definitively remove yourself from the past and place yourself in the present moment, with an invigorating affirmation. There are no magical words, just keep elevating your thoughts towards what is good and real.

It may feel awkward and unnatural at first, give this no thought, push on and practice this new approach daily and eventually you will create a new, wonderful habit of positive thought.

Remember, today is the most important day that you have ever lived, so live it well.

How we begin each day has a direct correlation to the nature or the theme or type of day that we then experience.

Fill your mind with beauty, truth, wisdom and peace before you leave.  Get in the habit of making time in the morning for spiritual reading and time to meditate on concepts that lift our spirits and open our minds to living each day abundantly and with love.

God created the world and His Life and His Love dwell within it.

Instead of dwelling on the false perceptions of the past or resisting the circumstances of the day, why not expect more life and love to be part of your present experience than ever before?

Stay with this thought, believe in the enthusiasm that rises within and return to this affirmation throughout the day, as you endeavor to master your mind by taking control of your thoughts and create for yourself the life you truly desire.

Look for this truth always, and you will be rewarded with a sense of deep, abiding peace.

As you begin your day with spiritual reading and meditation, craft a mantra for the day.  Refer to it whenever you sense that your thoughts are clustering in a negative direction.  

Close your eyes.  State your mantra.  Believe in it completely.  Breathe.  

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