Her Life Had Been Hiding
All Along
In Plain Sight

The woman gazed out upon the cavernous depth of a mountain valley, turned cobalt blue by a combination of low light and pervasive clouds.  She held her breath as the beauty overwhelmed her earthbound senses.  Gently cascading down, the foothills plunged with precision to the valley floor, and overhead, clouds clung to the curves of the mountainside like an bluish icing of mist.  The silence of the earth was deeply peaceful, as she watched a single, red-tail hawk ride the wind with wings spread in glory. Liberated for a single, unworldly moment beyond the bounds of time, the woman escaped into the spiritual expanse, as she drank in the grandeur of the vista before her.

Grateful for a newly, heightened perspective uplifting her spirit, she thought back on the early morning and how she had felt upon awakening.  She had been aware of a disquieting sense of emptiness that she was unable to push past. Lying in bed, her mind drifted to an article that she had recently read, and it suggested, that if one wanted to know God, one might retreat into nature; and so, she ignored the reasons why she shouldn’t and she simply did; she retreated into nature.  Her hike up the mountain was tough, both physically and emotionally, but she felt alive, like the trees lining the path and the soft, morning light illuminating her ascent. Shaky and exhausted, she eventually reached the summit, and could sense that her interior balance was making a comeback.

The work of the climb now culminated in a perfect moment of cobalt blue beauty.  The magnificence of nature echoed throughout her being.  She felt connected to the red-tail hawk as it sailed through the mist.  She felt grounded on the forest path that led her up the mountain. She felt whole and worthy and strong, just like the panorama of majestic peaks that stretched out endlessly before her.

Truly, one can get a sense of God from nature.  Only a Source consumed by love could create something as poetically enthralling as a mountain valley.  This feeling of love, she realized, seemed to radiate from the center of her body.  She felt a sensation of warmth spreading though her, as though her heart was responding. The truth, that indeed she was an integral part of the scene before her, this masterpiece of nature created by God, caused her to finally and completely let go and look out upon the world with a sense of awe and wonder.

The interior restlessness that had brought her to the mountain never seemed to completely dissipate, it was forever close at hand. The woman had grown so weary of fighting this battle between peace and unrest.  The lies she listened to, coming from herself about herself, insisting that she was not ready, that she was not worthy, that she was not enough just as she is, that she needed to do this or possess that… the list was endless and maybe, it wasn’t the world that was rejecting her, maybe she was rejecting herself.  

She thought back and wondered, when was it that her thoughts had begun to control her?  How enslaved was she by this list of what she needed to be or have, before life could begin? Listening to the never silent voice hadn’t filled the emptiness, nor had it ever ended the restlessness. The woman thought to herself, that perhaps this ego voice in her head was louder and more insistent than the the voice from her heart, but then again, maybe it was because she had stopped listening to the right voice.  This is the day that the battle ends; for the woman had bared her soul to the mountain and to God.

So here she stood on a mountaintop, looking out on an rapturous view that filled every physical sense she possessed and which brought forth nothing but beautiful thoughts. How can I go through life and still find awe and beauty and peace within, even on the most ordinary, or the most trying day?  What is missing from my life?, she wondered aloud.

The woman sat down on the soft earth and closed her eyes.  She breathed in and out very deeply and very slowly, as she directed the ego with its endless, petty thoughts, to be silent.  Each time an errant thought floated across her consciousness, she ignored it and focused instead on the silence.  As she sat in meditation, the woman released any need for an answer and decided to simply ‘be’.  Focusing solely on her breath, she became aware of a gentle, pulsating light within, streaked with subtle color.  It felt like a gift and she decided that she was worthy of it.  She simply allowed and relaxed and continued to breathe.  

As the woman sat and meditated on the mountaintop, she listened to the wind, to the cry of the hawk, and felt the air and the translucent mist as it glided past her.  She felt the energy of the life within her and all around her.  At that moment, she became aware that the way to live in the beauty of the moment was to focus on love, because God is love and all is created out of love and so love must be the answer to her question.  Love is what is missing in my life!  

Like all relationships, this love must be renewed day after day, and when we live in this manner our life takes on a whole, new trajectory, a deeper meaning and we discover our true selves and at that moment, the never silent, interior voice finally retreats.  Love is a multi-faceted diamond, it is not weak nor is it passive.  Love is unbreakable in its true form which is one of strength and power, according to a divine pattern that is reflected in the accuracy and the harmony of nature.

After a while, the woman opened her eyes, stretched her arms out overhead and settled into a comfortable position, as she watched clouds drift across the canvas of the sky.  Occasionally, a single cloud began to gather more energy, as air masses above and below collided, increasing instability while moisture concentrated; leading inevitably to the formation of a threatening, cumulonimbus cloud. Capricious thoughts like gathering clouds can create unstable conditions in unguarded moments, the woman thought to herself. Instead of discarding a thought form when she had the chance, she often made it stronger. So, the secret is to be aware when she was building a storm cloud out of a single thought.  

The woman realized on a deeper level that it was easy to tell when such a moment took place because she was always thrown from a state of calm into one of anxiety, fear or anger.  It’s very subtle at the onset, she realized, it feels like a thought, but actually it’s a direction I choose, a current I hitch a ride on.  If love is not inherent in the thought form, then it serves me best to release it.  There may be times when I have already walked far down that road, before I catch on to the fact that a storm is brewing, and yet, even then, the thought can be dismissed. How can I look at all of it in a new way, she asked herself?  What if I feel threatened or angered by something somebody says or does?  

Then it occurred to her, I must first love and respect myself before I can expect this from the people around me. I will create boundaries not so much to protect myself, but instead, to respect myself.

So, this was another way to stay in this place of peace, the woman thought to herself, to be mindfully aware of her thoughts, and stay in a place of love with boundaries.  The woman understood that she had to stop giving so much of herself away.  The woman now noticed, how she had allowed herself be driven off in a direction she had no plans for, all because she had given tremendous power to an errant thought.  She might have to question herself going forward, at least initially, until she established a sense of true discernment in her life.  The woman decided that she would begin to strengthen herself by thinking constructive thoughts and remaining in a place of peace, even while others have created their own storm cloud from a single thought.  

No longer would she point to an outside influence as the reason for her lack of peace.  She would listen to her body and when feelings of anxiety rise up, she understood that her first job was to return to peace.  A belief that she was agitated due to the action or the words of another, simply wasn’t true.  The total responsibility for inner peace was her own, despite the chaos that might be churning about her.  This was another part of the answer.  Going forward, she would meditate on the love of God, see only the spark of God in others, not their personalities, and always have love for herself.  It was not an easy road to follow, but it was simple, and in time, it would become second nature.

The woman stood tall as she stepped into her personal power.  There would be new rules as she went forward.  She would develop discernment and awareness by questioning the authenticity of what she said and did.  She would only accept what helped her to feel truly grounded and respectful of herself, because remaining true to herself suddenly held the highest value.  She would learn how to release whatever did not serve her and not just sort of release it, but fully release it, completely and in its entirety.

The woman had touched the energy of God which was fueled by love.  She had felt love for herself and because of self love, she now had boundaries and rules that promoted inner peace.  She no longer looked at life from a vantage point of emptiness. In the past, she had allowed herself to identify with this state of being, but no more.  Now, she would become the master of her mind, her time, her perspective and because of this new outlook, a feeling of hope rushed through her. The mountain had taught her to respect God’s divine order and most of all, to love first.  Just as the hawk takes time to glide effortlessly on the currents of the wind, she too will take time to find joy in life and live from a perspective of wonder.

As she began her descent, she recognized an old fear trying to push her off the path.  A fear of the possibility, that before long, she would be right back where she started, wandering through life without direction or meaning. In some respects, this was familiar territory, as she had experienced breakthroughs in the past; but the new found ideas never seemed to take hold in her life.  The woman saw clearly that she needed a plan.  In time, the persistent effort of applying all of these liberating concepts to her life, would pay off.  In the same breath, she understood for the first time, the true value of using affirmations; she now realized that these inspiring phrases served as a tool to retrain her subconscious mind.

The woman halted in her step, as she noticed that the rock strewn pathway she was following had suddenly transformed into a carpet, deeply cushioned with pine needles; which felt heavenly underfoot.  She looked up from the forest floor and out past an ancient pine tree, gracefully bent and twisted from several winters on the mountain, and onto the valley below.  A streak of blue flashed before her eyes, and in following it, her gaze came to rest upon a pair of western scrub jays, perched on the outermost branch of a massive, pine tree. Surrounding the pair of scrub jays, were colossal boughs of pine needles quivering in response to a strong wind gusting through the mountain pass.  As the scrub jays hopped and settled further out on the rough bark of the weathered pine branch, the wind rifled past them and fluffed out their feathers, turning them into puffy, little balls of brown and blue.  It was such a rare and beautiful moment of harmony, this composition of bird, tree, wind and mountain, existing completely in sync and yet, as individualized expressions of God’s creation. 

The woman decided to keep an image of this moment with her and when she needed peace or truth, she would stop and remember the depth of presence one finds in the wilderness.  The unseen component behind this humble scene was the power of spirit.  She breathed in the heavy scent of pine on the wind, and relished in a new freshness on the breeze and the arrival of sun rays breaking through the clouds. In this, a most transilient minute of her life, she made a powerful decision, a vow to herself, to live in truth and to fully experience the present moment. She would master her mind and finally, step onto the path of her destiny.  Lifting her arms to the sky overhead, she took the vow and chose to always focus on the life that was happening in the Now.

She knew at this very moment, that she had awakened, that she was self-aware, and it felt wonderful to experience herself just as she is. She then realized that the thought she had listened to, in the early morning, which had brought her to the mountain and which had encouraged this healing, had been a thought from the heart.  She felt immense gratitude to herself for listening to that still, small voice within.  The woman then continued descending down the mountain path and back into a life that had been hiding all along in plain sight.

Bridget Geegan Blanton’s writing career as a newspaper columnist, a web-site contributor, content writer and French language translator has found new expression as a novelist.  ‘Whispers on the Wind’, Bridget’s debut novel was the first installment in the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series, that continues with ‘A Woman’s Equal Share’.  The soul-awakening tenets of celtic wisdom embody the spiritual ideal upon which this inspirational series has been crafted. Learn more about the novels and enrich your day spiritually by way of articles and motivational videos at Bridget’s web-site:  https://www.desertrosebooks.com Recently, Bridget became certified as an Angel Card Reader and brings this spiritual perspective to her life and work.

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