Forgiveness and love walk hand-in-hand through life.  A calm acceptance of the feelings that arise after one of our less-than-inspired decisions, is simply a far more serene path to follow.  We can choose to be hard on ourselves, again, or we can learn from a mistake.  The choice is ours.  As we begin to love and accept both the thorns and the petals that constitute our wholeness as a person, we are then able to open our hearts to love.  

We experience life in a limited fashion if we are unaware of the barriers created by a refusal to forgive.  These barriers become blinders that affect our perspective and our responses to situations, as well as the natural flow of good into our lives.  You see, it’s all a matter of perspective.  It helps when we know the truth about ourselves.  The truth is that at the level of our soul, we are both innocent and perfect.  As spiritual beings, we are here to learn, to expand and to experience personal growth.  The circumstances of our lives change in appearance when we change our perspective.  When we view challenges as lessons or opportunities, irregardless of how something ended up on our path, be it through the choices of others or our own decisions, we serve ourselves and the world, when we follow the high road.

For a long time, I was able to understand a concept regarding personal growth on an intellectual level, but I never took the next step, which is to apply it to life, across the the board. I was stalled out at the ‘walk the talk’ level of engagement.  Nothing changed.  Nothing improved.  I was still treading water and nearing exhaustion.  We have to do a lot of thinking when we first begin to apply these concepts to our everyday lives.  We have to recall the truth about our nature, which is, that we are spiritual beings who carry a spark of divinity within.  

Begin, by truly believing in your divine spark.  Feel the warmth that fills your body when you focus on the point of God’s light within that animates your being. The presence of God exists within you every second of your life.  We can ignore it, we can give it lip service or we can live in awe of it.   It’s all choice, it’s all free will.  Once we’ve firmly established a connection with our inner God spark, we are more easily able to find the courage to be kind to ourselves when we’ve made an error in judgment or action and, we can also extend this kindness to others, as difficult as it may appear to be.

Isn’t it time to once and for all let go of the past?  We can, incrementally, learn how to free ourselves from re-living moments from yesterday.  When those re-runs start playing in your mind, stop the movie reel from advancing to the next scene.  Remind yourself, that you’ve learned all that you needed to learn from that experience, and that you’re ready to release it, because it no longer serves you.  Free yourself from the past so that every part of your being is available to receive every possible good thing in the present moment.

When we actively change the caliber of our thoughts to reflect the presence of God within, it alters our perspective by removing the blinders.  We become less selfish and more self-less. Consequently, this option to look at the world through the eyes of God, can unleash a positive momentum which directly affects the nature of our response to life.  This single choice literally changes the world as a whole, because in that moment, we become the Light of God.  

Our thoughts and actions do affect the world and the people in it.  Begin with yourself.  

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