a Spiritual Renaissance
by Living
with Trust And Gratitude

Fear is not real and yet, it can hijack our thought process. It places unnecessary weight on our shoulders that we carry into whatever is unfolding in the present moment.  Fear blinds us to the full potential of a moment in time, because we can’t see past a limited scenario. How much is the presence of fear in our consciousness blocking the true goodness of God, from coming through? How much beauty are we missing because we latch onto a tiny element of fear? In fact, watch the quality of your thoughts for a day and determine for yourself if fear of any person, place or thing shows up either intermittently, or on a continuous thought loop.

Writer and Spiritual Leader, Rev. Christian Sorensen has stated that humanity today is experiencing a “mystical renaissance”. Sorensen further defines this experience as the ability to recognize and bring forth a sense of the sacred. Fear cannot co-exist with divine love, and as this love is the foundation of all that which is sacred, it is possible to live fearlessly. In other words, if we center our being, our thought life and our actions in loving kindness, this is exactly what we attract, reflect and experience. At times, it may not be immediately reflected in our experience, but the power and the energy of loving kindness has a force for good that is beyond our comprehension.

Touching upon the sacred is not some holy grail outside of our grasp. It is available to each and every one of us … always.  Perhaps, it can be looked upon as a state of consciousness where we choose to look out upon all of life as inherently sacred.  When we silence the ruckus of thoughts marching across our mind and purposely choose to shift our own perspective by recognizing the sacredness of all life, we can then begin to move closer to living as ‘One’. Maybe it’s time to ‘shhhh’ ourselves. This is a fearless and revolutionary act in today’s world, as a fear-mongering media and their counterparts in the political world are constantly bombarding the little screen in our hands with negativity.  So, OK, great, sounds awesome, but how do we get to a place where we can leave fear behind and embrace the sacred?

We begin by letting go of that which we don’t desire to be present in our mind.  When a thought passes through we can do one of two things; we can anchor onto it and go for the crazy ride, or we can dismiss it and return to the present moment.  At first, this is certainly a conscious action, but in time it will become a natural response. Give it a try. As we make space in our minds for sacred thoughts by clearing out fear, they will appear.

If meditation is part of your present spiritual practice then you already understand how it brings about peace of mind.  If you’re new to meditation you can start by sitting in silence 3 or 4 times daily for just a few minutes.  Focus exclusively on your breathing.  Breathe in and out slowly and purposefully.  Attempt to simply center your mind and your being in silence.  Enjoy the solace that this exercise brings to the moment and go forth into your day with the intention to notice the sacred presence within all of life.

In order to uplift our energy we need to change the format of our thoughts.  Close your eyes  and take a figurative leap into the valley of trust. Trust is the opposite of fear. Trust leads to faith.  Faith leads to happiness. Look back on your life, and it’s easy to count how many times, things worked out despite how desperate a situation may have initially appeared to be. Trust in the goodness of God.  Trust in the divine workings of a limitless, miraculous Universe.  Remember that you are cherished by your Creator, and God wants only the best for you. You can’t see trust, you can’t touch it, but you can feel the emotion behind it.  Experience the warm, comforting presence of trust and know that you are the precious, beloved child of a loving God.

This practice of trust leads us to the embrace of gratitude.  Here, we affirm in the present moment that abundance, perfect health and harmonious relationships exist for us now, not next Tuesday after we get a little stronger, but right now, this very instant.  Be open to receiving all the potential good that God has planned for you.  Take.It.Now. 

“I AM grateful for the presence of abundance in my life, now.”

“I AM grateful for my perfect health, now.”

“I AM grateful for my harmonious relationships, now.”

If there is a person in your life who is not easy to be around, and the thought of interacting with them causes fear to arise within your thoughts, turn that around by affirming your gratitude for the harmonious relationships in your life.  In that instant, we see the potential of peace and it erases fear from our thoughts. When you affirm your own good in life, banish doubt and fear from your mind, and focus solely upon the truth that you are deserving of this limitless bounty.

These are small departures perhaps, tiny steps, little choices, but when employed day after day, they amount to a shift in perspective.  It is possible to become more aware of the beauty all around us and attuned to the sacredness of every moment. We can begin to live fearlessly when we trust in a Universe created by an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Source of Divine Love. Trust in the power of your own spiritual renaissance, where fear does not exist.

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