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Take a moment and define for yourself what is sacred in your life. The word sacred is often ascribed to land, scripture and tradition. It is a characteristic that is not assigned with a casual hand. The land may have been a site of a bloody battle where the remains of warriors are honored. A tradition or ceremony described as sacred is often religious and is venerated by the faithful. Yet, we can claim our own sacred beliefs for reasons of love, peace and security. 

If you can imagine what is sacred, then you can take it with you wherever you go. Approach the multitude of choices that compose a single day and infuse it with what is sacred to you. 

In midst of stress due to uncertainty or fear of a negative outcome, I am unable to instantaneously summon up the perception of all that is sacred to me. I haven't reached that milepost yet on the road to enlightenment, but I've come a long way. Try as I might, I cannot seem to avoid the machinations of my mind as I wait for a resolution. However, I do employ a different approach when coping with stress. I've learned a few things and they work for me when I choose to practice them. By taking myself out of the chaos of the moment, I'm able to regain my inner balance. 

In any situation there are things that I can do to the best of my ability to achieve a desired outcome; beyond that, I can only turn it over to God and let it be. Trying to replace anxious thoughts with positive thinking has never worked for me; it doesn't feel genuine. Fear seems to unlock a Pandora's box in our mind, bringing to the forefront feelings of guilt, blame and doubt. 

By becoming aware of all the negativity we can begin to release it; not replace it with thoughts that seem artificial. Let's face it, all of the thoughts that have so rattled our peace of mind are fear-based. Fear is far from trust and even further away from love. I ask for help from a source outside of myself. I need this help to move past the fear and the anxiety. It is the soul, our higher self, who seeks guidance from God. 

What is sacred in my own life beyond the people whom I love, is my connection to a higher source, a.k.a. God. I've spent time exploring the spiritual side of life and what I've learned has made life better. I've learned simple truth not complicated philosophy. Acceptance trumps resistance and love conquers fear. Although I still struggle with letting go of an emotional attachment to a particular outcome, at least I no longer hang onto it with a vice grip.  This tendency towards control is part of the human experience and it's a normal response. Yet, I’ve learned that God’s Infinite Intelligence always, always has my best interest at heart and so, I’m learning to accept ‘what is’ without resistance.  

How we deal with our emotions is the point of the matter. Learning to quiet inner turbulence is the key to inner peace. The experience of  true peace and the ability to live in the present moment can be attributed to trust in the unlimited supply of the Universe.  God has got your back, just do the next right thing.  It’s that simple.   The awareness of tension, negativity or anxiety precedes the ability to release it.  Take a deep breath and exhale these constricting emotions.

True freedom begins when we conquer our worldly self. The Alignment of your life’s purpose with God’s will is known by the experience of peace. A path to peace exists. Our interior light illuminates the way. It is only when we direct our lives according to a Spiritual Ideal and take with us, all that is sacred that we begin to live fully engaged and aware of the present moment and all of the opportunity that is waiting to unfold.

Bridget Geegan Blanton’s writing career as a newspaper columnist, a web-site contributor, content writer and French language translator has found new expression as a novelist.  ‘Whispers on the Wind’, Bridget’s debut novel was the first installment in the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series that continues with ‘A Woman’s Equal Share’.  The soul-awakening tenets of celtic wisdom embody the spiritual ideal upon which this inspirational series has been crafted. Learn more about the novels and enrich your day spiritually by way of articles and motivational videos at Bridget’s web-site:  

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