Have you ever found yourself “tearing the house apart” on a mad search for keys, a document or even a recipe?  After 30 minutes into the search, we’re beginning to give up hope of ever finding what we’re looking for.  After an hour, we’re just hoping that it will turn up in the days ahead.  It’s frustrating isn’t it?  This is usually the moment when we decide, once and for all, to create order out of the chaos.

Getting organized definitely has its perks.  

When we follow through on implementing a level of structure into our lives, we reap the reward of that precious resource known as time.  It’s not just the legal and financial matters that we need to keep track of, we also need to bring harmony and order to that list of components that will bring a dream into fruition. 

Dreams are realized only when action is taken.  

Our deepest desires are so very precious to us.  These rays of hope are the glimmering diamonds of our souls.  They are rare and beautiful.  We pause in our day when an inspiring thought occurs; and quite often we find ourselves grabbing a napkin to record the idea before it drifts away.  

Ideas that build dreams deserve an honored place.

Aside from the usual organizational methods that go into goal setting, we need to designate a special place, to keep safe, all that truly matters to us.  Welcome to the dream folder.  Employ this unique folder as a place to file ideas, inspirational images, thought provoking articles and notes to self.  Along with the tactical approach achieved with a day planner, there exists a need for something a tad more creative.  Why not commemorate the priceless individuality of your dream by starting a dream folder?

How to:

While I plan to go, step-by-step, through the process of creating the dream folder featured in this article, this is a purely creative endeavor and so it goes without saying ... do your own thing!

In this project I used a file folder in the style of ‘Kraft’ paper.

I began by applying a thin layer of gesso.  It dries relatively quickly.  This layer of pure white assists in the process of working with paints in order to create a color-rich background.

Next, I chose a three-color combination of spray glimmer paints that can be found at your local craft store.  

I spray the darkest color first and lighten it up by spraying a tiny bit of water.  At that point, I hold the file over the sink and let the color run down and drip into the sink.  Play with it.  Add another color, let it run.  You can also use a sponge to either mix the colors or remove excess color.  Keep working with your colors until you’re happy with the look.

After the colored background is dry, I use a stencil and some spackle to add a layer of texture and dimension to the file folder.

You can choose to add a bit of color to the spackle before you spread it over the stencil or add color once it’s dry.  Get yourself a spackling knife and smooth a thin layer of spackle over the stencil.  Be sure to rinse the stencil once you’re finished.

To add color to the dry, stenciled image I use more spray mist.  I spray a little puddle of color and then add it with a watercolor brush.  Once the paint is dry, I’ll rub on a little gold color.  You can find rub-on colors at your local craft store.  There are several brands to choose from.

Once this step of coloring has dried, you begin to build a collage on the file front, using whatever materials you have gathered together.  Here, I used rubber stamp images and phrases, along with speciality paper and purchased embellishments.  You can use images from magazines if you don’t have rubber stamps.  The possibilities are endless.  Use this moment of creativity to express the essence of your dream.  Include phrases and images that motivate you.  Most important, have fun and express yourself.  

One last thing … add an inner pocket to the folder and a sticker over the file tab to finish it off.

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