Breaking Free
of the 
Illusion of
Being Stuck

Feeling stuck is nothing new to me as a writer.  I’ve languished in that realm of paralysis, a time or two.  This state of non-action doesn’t just happen to writers, it can strike anyone contemplating a major project such as a lifestyle makeover, a new career path or even something as ordinary as paring down a closet.  

All too often we overthink the starting point.  It’s as if an invisible force blocks our path and we can’t seem to get past ‘Go’.  We’ve stopped connecting with the beauty of our original vision. Instead, we allow ourselves to feel hemmed in by the illusion of constraints; such as feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.  We forget, that we can build anything one task at a time. If our thoughts go to this lightless place whenever we contemplate moving forward, we now know why our power feels stuck and inert.  The truth of the matter, is that there is no obstruction, it’s simply an illusion that we are buying into. 

Pushing past limitations begins with re-connecting to our initial excitement. What inspired you in the first place; a new you, a new life, a finished novel?  Go into meditation and ask for that beauty to be revealed once again. Uplift the content of your thoughts. Remain in this inspired state by taking command of your mindset, as this is how your perspective will shift and your power will return.  When notions of doubt start crowding in, say “Stop!” literally, either silently or aloud.  It works and will assist you in keeping your thoughts on an upward arc, which is where they need to be.

Once we’ve hooked back into our potential, we can dare to look beneath the surface and come face to face with whatever we’re afraid of, be it the prospect of judgment, failure or doing it wrong.  Look upon these killjoys for the negative energy that they are, and banish these thought forms whenever they arise.  Remind yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to, and that it can be done with confidence and even joy!  Believe in yourself.  You are a magnificent, powerful, spiritual being; after all, you were created in the image of God.  

When we are able to grasp onto the pure essence of an idea, even for an instant, all the blocks, imagined limitations and feelings of being stuck suddenly evaporate. Ask yourself what’s real, the limitations that fall away in an instant or the inherent beauty of your potential that reveals itself when you call to it?  

The power of your vision has its own light, energy and magic about it.  It’s practically touchable.  It’s not as elusive as you might believe.  In fact, it’s more real that all the blocks that your ego has built up around your natural creativity, since these walls fall away the moment you touch base with your inspiration.

Prime yourself for productivity by affirming your true nature.  As feelings of disharmony are felt in the body and detected in thought, start by breathing deeply, as you focus on the silence within and allow this density of spirit to dissipate.  Breathe it out.

We can begin to release our grip on conditioned opinions, a need to control outcomes and a propensity to self-criticize when we begin to sense that there is more to life than the physical world; because there is more to us beyond our physical selves. This is a wonderful practice to release negative energy and once we make progress, we become increasingly aware of our true nature, which is limitless.

Going forward, remind yourself that only thing that is real, is the idea.  Any angst you’ve built up around bringing forth this creation is an illusion.  Focus on the beauty.  Place your efforts solely on bringing it forth.  Create freely with total abandon and lay down an idea of what you see, hear and sense within.  Let it spill out.  Down the road, all the details will fall into place and you’ll sculpt the perfect structure to support this inspirational new you, new life or creative project.  Potential, passion and purpose are limitless and so are you.

Bridget Geegan Blanton’s writing career as a newspaper columnist, a web-site contributor, content writer and French language translator has found new expression as a novelist.  ‘Whispers on the Wind’, Bridget’s debut novel was the first installment in the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series, that continues with ‘A Woman’s Equal Share’.  The soul-awakening tenets of celtic wisdom embody the spiritual ideal upon which this inspirational series has been crafted. Learn more about the novels and enrich your day spiritually by way of articles and motivational videos at Bridget’s web-site: Recently, Bridget became certified as an Angel Card Reader and brings this spiritual perspective to her life and work.

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