Break a Habit
Spiritual Power

The foundation upon which you begin to break a habit, is composed of a single concept and this concept must be ingrained into your subconscious.  All of our unwanted behaviors are based on thoughts and taking action on these thoughts create obstacles to what you really want in your life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience which means you are far more powerful and magnificent than you give yourself credit for.  It’s time to unleash that power!  

Let’s begin by going back to that concept of a thought and how you are acting upon it, in fact, let’s call it what it is … an urge.  An urge to smoke, to drink, to overeat, to gamble, to shop whatever your poison - it all begins with a single thought that appears on the canvas of our conscious mind.  

Begin to look at your thoughts differently.  here’s how…  Imagine your mind to be a lush, green field.  A gentle summer breeze is blowing across the blades of grass in a wave of peace.  Ah, such quiet beauty.  A weed appears and shoots up taller than anything else in the field and suddenly it has captured all of our attention.  We can do one of two things, obsess on it and let it grow stronger until it begins to become all that we think about, or we can pluck it out.  Literally, remove it from the forefront of our mind and thereby remove all of its power over us.

You are not a powerless victim of your thoughts, you are the master of your thoughts.  Thoughts are like dandelion seeds on a breeze, they blow past us and we can either obsess to a point where we imagine our entire lawn full of dandelions or we can dismiss the thought entirely.

So, the more one gives in to an urge, the stronger the wiring in the brain becomes.  It has become a compulsive habit.  We don’t even think anymore, we simply give in.  

What if you could change all that? 

We must begin to understand that moment-by-moment, we can choose which thoughts to act on and which thoughts to dismiss.  It’s all about choice.  You may believe that your urge is impossible to ignore, only because you’ve given it all this power.  

Release the pressure the thought has put upon you.

You’re tense, you’re under pressure, you feel as though you have no choice but to smoke or drink or eat or gamble or shop.  Is a single thought really more powerful than you are?  You are choosing to feel the distress caused by an urge to be the sum total of your reality.  A single thought has created strong wiring in your brain, because you keep acting on it.  Begin now, to choose differently.

See the thought for what it is - fleeting, temporary and with no real power over you.  

Look at your current mindset.  Are you multi-tasking on speed dial?  If so, you are engaging in life from a mindlessness mindset.  Begin now to court a mindful presence throughout your day.  If you’re reading, don’t also check social media every 3 minutes and watch TV.  Do.One.Thing.At.A.Time.

Start with that.  Start focusing in on what you’re doing.

Cultivate a sense of humor regarding these urges from your lizard brain.  See them for what they are and choose not to act on them even if it’s simply because you’re sick and tired of the fall-out.  

Habits aren’t strong at all, in fact, they’re pretty unstable.  Habits require that you keep giving in, so that they stay strong.  Notice the urge as it passes through your mind, but that’s it … soon, some other thought will be floating by, or a memory, or a reminder of an appt. for next week.  Let it pass by.  Weaken it by not acting on it.

Remember that just because you have a busy day ahead of you, doesn’t mean that the craziness of your schedule is to blame for engaging in your habit.  It’s our thoughts, our inner state of being, that is responsible for the peace or the chaos that we experience. 

Neuroplasticity means that as we refuse to give in on an urge, the wiring begins to weaken.  The urges will continue to crop up, and usually it’s a warning sign that we need to take a look at the types of thoughts we’re entertaining or the type of schedule we’ve built for ourselves.  If you’re in midst of leaving a habit behind you, be mindful of that process and build in a little break for yourself schedule-wise or a yoga class or a massage.  This is not to replace the habit itself, but to support a more peaceful mindset as you walk through the process of mastering your thoughts and directing your behavior along a more healthier line.

When you’re unaware and not focused on the task before you, you have very little defense against an urge when such a thought floats by.  In fact, your mindlessness might just have you responding to it like a reflex.  

Mindfulness gives you an edge.  Here, you see it for what it is, a blast from your lizard brain and furthermore, you know where acting on it will lead.  You’re tired of the end game, the costs, the time lost, the dreams unfulfilled.  You.Are.Done.  So take charge, breathe, go within, calm the chaotic emotions with a healthy dose of self-love.  Move through the moment breath-by-breath; remind yourself that you have a choice and that your choice is to take the high road.  

Be completely conscious of what is happening.  What are you feeling?  Describe it.  Take notice of it and always, always remember that it is temporary.  This too shall pass.  You are more powerful than a single thought or a compulsive urge.  You always have a choice.  Always.  To tell yourself that you have no choice in the matter is simply a lie.  Destructive habits need things like lies and mindlessness to stay strong.  Take this away by choosing something different this time.

Allow your spiritual nature to be in the lead.  Be the power.  Be the choice-choosing mechanism. Don’t allow something this important to fall into the default category.  What Would My Spiritual Nature Choose?  Let me tell you, your spiritual nature would not choose to down a bottle of wine after a long day.  So, you tell me, what would your spiritual nature choose, if it could choose anything, other than acting on a destructive, compulsive habit?

I believe you would choose something healthy, empowering and uplifting for yourself. Let’s go there via our imagination.  Begin by breathing from your heart center.  Imagine your breath originating from your heart and filling your body with a loving, white light.  Breathe this love-filled light in and out; literally pouring so much light and love into your body, that this love light emanates outside of you and begins to surround you.  Keep breathing.  Now, activate your imagination from your heart center; not your mind.  Direct yourself to imagine exactly what you would choose instead of engaging in your habit.  It can be anything from zip-lining in Costa Rica to watching the northern lights from a mountain in Alaska.  Go there, in your imagination through your heart center and keep breathing in the love light that now literally surrounds you.  

What do you see, feel, hear, taste and sense about the environment that you’ve created for yourself?  Is the wind rifling through your hair, is there a scent of jasmine on the breeze?  Can you hear birds or waves breaking onto a beach? Activate all of your senses and stay there in this place of beauty for a few more breaths.  Breathe and engage your imagination through your heart center with an intention of inner peace whenever your urges arise.  If you are somewhere not conducive to meditation when an urge arises, simply imagine a blank canvas in your mind and paint something on it from your place of peace.  It can be a flower or a mountain vista.  Imbue this visual with feelings of peace and self-love all emanating from your heart center.  Go there, whenever an urge arises and let peace infiltrate your entire being,

Change your perspective and your behavior will follow.

It is not true that you have to get in your car and drive to the gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes or you will go insane.  It’s not true that you can’t calm yourself down and recognize an urge for what it is, a temporary thought.   It is not true that you are powerless.  By taking action to not to act on an urge, you recognize, that in fact you are empowered.

Go beyond the chaos of the moment.  Instead of simply giving in, go within yourself and contact your higher self and rest there peacefully.  Why not fill your mind with the magnificent truth that you are one with the Universe and that at this very moment, the full, limitless potential is within your reach.  This beautiful, powerful, limitless Source is an eternal flame inside you.  Believe me when I tell you, you are more powerful than a single thought, a habitual thought, an urge that you believe you are compelled to act upon.  If you believe an urge is pressing down upon you, destroying your peace, it is.  If you believe that you are a powerful spiritual being, at one with the Universe and possess the ability to dismiss a thought or an urge, you can.  You choose.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Ever present at your side, just waiting for an invitation, is a messenger from God, an Angel. Be affirmative in your prayer. Confirm that help has already arrived. Pray, by thanking your Angel, for their help, their support and their guidance, as you embark upon this path to freedom. Pray daily. Pray often.

Choose the Divine Love that is always available in your heart center over the emptiness of a habitual thought that leads to a compulsive behavior that no longer serves you, as the magnificent, spiritual being that you truly are.  

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Break a Habit with Spiritual Power

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