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… as Summer quietly turns into Autumn ...
September 20, 2015


September 2015

Hi Everyone,

As I write you, the Summer is quietly turning into Autumn. Pumpkins are appearing everywhere, and the scent of fallen leaves is once again being carried on the afternoon breeze. Although a resident of California, it’s definitely Fall in the nearby mountains, where I hike most weekends. The aroma of tannin from scattered, yellow leaves near the base of tall oaks, reminds me, that cooler evenings and shorter days are coming soon. I hope your summer was memorable. I did a bit of traveling myself and most noteworthy, was a family trip to Alaska. I created a brief video from the amazing, Alaskan scenery that left us speechless and my son, Lee composed an acoustic guitar piece that complements the video so well.

Here’s the link to the video:

Welcome to Autumn and to all that goes with it. Enjoy these Indian Summer days while they last.

Book Review

Among my summer reading favorites was the book, 'Taking Heaven Lightly' by Irish-born writer/artist, Róísín Fitzpatrick. It is the true story of her own life transformation following a Near Death Experience (NDE). While the author was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage, she found herself drawn out of her body and into a brilliant and shimmering light. It was during her immersion in this radiant light, that Ms. Fitzpatrick encountered the splendor of unconditional love.

Read the full book review here:

Third Novel in the series

I’m at work on the third installment of the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series. At this time, I’m fine-tuning the outline of the novel, as I’ve completed the research phase. By the next newsletter, I’ll have the concept worked out and hope to be able to share more.

Newest video

Spiritual unfoldment continues to be a primary focus in my life and I’m sharing my most recent video with all of you before I post it on my Facebook page. The video - ‘The Power, Energy and Potential of Thought’ is about belief in your own God-given ability, to use the energy of your mind to create thoughts, that act as a vibratory force within the Universe, and bring forth your desired life.

View it at my youtube page:

Recipe for the season

This salad turned out almost too pretty to eat, but I ate it …

Here’s the link to the recipe:

I would greatly appreciate a book review … thank-you!!

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Thank-you so much for a moment of your time.

Happy Autumn!

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~ Bridget

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