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November 01, 2015


November 2015

Hi Everyone,

I have always liked the colors of autumn - burnt orange, yellow ochre, dark red and cinnamon brown. These warm, color tones appeal to my senses in a way that feels like ... home! Isn’t that the overall theme of the season? Cozy home, warm cinnamon-spiced drinks and pumpkin spice everything? I included a side dish of roasted Kabocha squash with this month’s seasonal recipe and the color of this squash is simply stunning; a deep shade of orange that can only be found in nature. We humans are experts at rushing through the good stuff and so, take several, long, extended periods of general appreciation in the weeks ahead. Appreciate the change of season, the colors and the flavors of Fall and notice what it all brings up for you emotionally. It kind of feels like home, doesn’t it? This month, I’ve brought you the usual, triple action newsletter, featuring an inspirational article, a new video and a seasonal recipe. I hope you enjoy it.

Latest Spirituality Article

How to Flip a Thought and Create Positive Affirmations

Thoughts have power. As our thinking moves in a definite direction, we convince ourselves to choose certain paths in life. Our thoughts can be uplifting and innovative, as well as unproductive and judgmental. One of the secrets to daily happiness is through mastering the content and the quality of our thoughts.

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'A Woman's Equal Share'

Journals, newspapers and periodicals dedicated to Women’s Suffrage gained increasing exposure and momentum starting in 1870. Suffragette writers began a massive effort to educate Americans on the right to vote for women. This movement was not without its share of controversy, as some journals were more radicalized than others. Experience the Journal movement through the life of one Suffragette writer, in the novel, ‘A Woman’s Equal Share’.

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Newest video - Author Interview

A video interview with Historical Fiction Author, Bridget Geegan Blanton

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Seasonal Recipe

Roasted Chicken with a light Pistachio and Lemon-enhanced stuffing and a side dish of roasted Kabocha squash

There’s a very small amount of chopping and sautéing necessary, to create this light infusion of stuffing for the chicken, prior to roasting it, but this is a wonderful, flavorful dish perfect for entertaining or for just kicking it up a notch on a weeknight. Included in this recipe, is a side dish of roasted Kabocha squash. Kabocha is a Japanese squash that has replaced butternut as my ‘go to’ squash. It’s naturally sweet and perfect with this roasted chicken recipe.

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