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a new year full of possibility
January 24, 2016


January 2016

Hi Everyone,

As a new month in a new year nears its final days, we find ourselves with an opportunity to consider how well we are embracing the type of life that we truly deserve to be living. What do we need to upgrade and what simply requires a solid dose of staying power? I believe that we are created to be happy. This is a choice, as much as it is a state of mind and it all begins with the thoughts that we allow ourselves to entertain. It’s not so much a matter of thinking positively as it is, thinking thoughts that are constructive. Uplift the thoughts in your mind, believe in yourself and your dreams and don’t give anything negative the time of day. It takes practice, but over time you become more adept at controlling the content of your thoughts. Over at on the Spirituality 101 page, I’ve listed a number of inspirational articles and motivational videos to offer assistance to anyone on this journey called life. All the best to you and yours in 2016!

Spirituality 101 can be found here:

~ Bridget

Latest Spirituality Article

A Pathway To Peace

On those days when we feel discord, anxiety and restlessness and long for peace, we can begin our journey of conversion by remembering that deep within ourselves is an inner wholeness, a complete pattern of perfection, which is the Spirit of God.

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Special Pricing on Paperbacks

Continued into February!

Through February 16th, 2016, signed copies of both Book One and Book Two of the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series, (available exclusively at the Desert Rose Books Online Bookstore) are on sale! All items will be wrapped and shipped free.

Visit the Bookstore:

Newest video - A Pathway To Peace

A path to peace is discovered, only by an open heart. Peace in the world begins with you. Our belief in this unseen, divine essence within, is the full expression of our Faith. Trust and surrender to this serenity that exists within you.

View this brief, uplifting video here:

Seasonal Recipe

Kale Chopped Salad

There is a subtle sweetness to this healthy salad, thanks to the addition of fresh grapes. I've really come to love this salad and it will be a wonderful item to add to your clean eating recipe repertoire. Enjoy!

View the recipe here:

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