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Hope is in the air at Christmas …
December 04, 2016


December 2016

Hi Everyone,

The season of hope has arrived just in time. It’s in the very air that we breathe, despite the circumstances of the world at large. When we place God at the helm of our lives, our perspective naturally shifts towards hope. In this Holiday edition of the newsletter, I’ve included an article and a video celebrating the spirituality that underlies this season of light. As always, a seasonal recipe awaits your consideration, as well. I wish you a very Merry Christmas; and may this New Year be geared towards the fulfillment of a personal dream of yours.

~ Bridget

Latest Spirituality Article

Angels Bending Near The Earth

The Christmas season bestows the gift of a beneficial pause, in the very center of our rush hour lives, when truly, we can sense the presence of Angels, bending near the earth.

Read the piece here:

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Happy Winter Reading!

Signed copies of both Book One and Book Two of the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series, (available exclusively at the Desert Rose Books Online Bookstore) are on sale! All items will be wrapped and shipped free.

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Newest Addition in the Spirituality Video Series - Inner Light

Seek out your Inner Light and receive Deep Peace.

View this brief, uplifting video here:

Seasonal Recipe

Orange Spiced Simple Syrup for Coffee

Years ago, there was an Orange Spice flavored, coffee mix in the ‘International Coffee’ line that has been discontinued. I miss it. I miss it so much that I came up with a replacement. This is a very easy recipe for a simple syrup. It’s also a wonderful, homemade Christmas gift idea. The syrup is added to a cup of coffee for a natural, subtle, not overly sweet, orange-spiced flavor; which is a perfect addition to the Holiday Dessert Table. It’s also a wonderful little indulgence to make for yourself to enjoy on a cozy, winter afternoon spent reading.

Get the recipe here:

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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~ Bridget

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