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Light brings hope on a dark, December night …
December 08, 2015


December 2015

Hi Everyone,

The sun sets so early during December and the light of a single candle in a window can brighten our outlook and encourage even the smallest ray of hope. I was so surprised to find how well this photo of the Christmas lights on my house reflected this month’s theme of Divine Light. In the evenings, I truly enjoy all the Christmas lights in my neighborhood. It’s a beautiful sight. The birth of Christ brought Divine Light into a dark world. This light continues to shine forth through each of us. Let the beautiful spirit of this season lead you to the love, the peace and the harmony that exists within your soul. May you radiate this light of love out into a darkened world and brighten the path for yourself and those around you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

~ Bridget

Latest Spirituality Article

God is in everything

Imagine truth as a light.  Imagine that you see this light in all persons and in all conditions; despite outward appearances. All encompassing in its touch, this light shines without wavering, in purity and with clarity.  Light touches everyone without bias.  It’s brilliance is present everywhere. 

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Special Pricing for the Holidays

Through January 10th, 2016, signed copies of both Book One and Book Two of the Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series, (available exclusively at the Desert Rose Books Online Bookstore) are on sale! All items will be wrapped and shipped free.

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Newest video - Imagine Truth as a Light

This light brings peace.  It brings freedom.  It opens our eyes to our own worthiness.  For now, we see that God is in everything.

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Seasonal Recipe

Cranberry Bliss Bars

After tasting and completely losing my heart to these awesome bars - I knew I had to work on a recipe at home because seasonal availability just wasn't going to work out…

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